A Democrat Dilemma


Written Feb. 1 10pm EST

Update Feb. 5 2:30am EST


    So what do we have here. As you were told, the Democratic Washington machine is great at masking their true feelings and attention. You were told, the Almighty through His people would expose the filth as they are hypocrites. Pelosi knew he had been caught and she dodged the question as anything out of her mouth would have been a lie.

    When caught, all are sorry in public, but the motivation is loss of face and a position of power. His feelings to the present are still the same. Whether in blackface or the hood, both depictions in the photo seals a disturbing way of life based on actions. This does not change, but is refined to hide it, while excising power over those you are to help, but crushing their hopes of change.

    This is what you the general public do not understand. Know this, the leak on the first day of Black History Month was by design. Obama is your proof as the global powers to be held him on a tight leash and he tried. Your clue is few are condemning this in the media for all to see, tweets donít count, and none of those in power are pushing for his removal. But, supporters of Trump who are not that blatant, and you hope are going to impeach for their actions.

   The Governor did this, not others by association. This is the difference and your choice the Democratic leadership is to figure out the angle of how to resolve this? Harris and Booker are muzzled at the present time, unless their handlers release them, which they did. This is your world.

   What you have to realize, is that the Med School in 1984 signed off on the picture in the yearbook and all who graduated with him were silent too, all of like minds, but you dare not go here. Again this is your world.

    This will increase as many at the top, you idolize will be exposed for who they are. Nancy will we save you for last, as I told you, you will wish you never took the speaker job. You were warned

   As Black History month unfolds, you need to examine, what has changed in your life under the Democrats. Has the murder rate dropped to where your neighborhoods are safer? Do your high schools have higher graduation rates? Is your disposable income higher than in the sixties? How are those student loans treating you and did you really get a good job? All that was presented has fallen short and you still believe their lies. Social services are like drugs, they keep in place as you are dependent on another. This is the Truth. You need to wake up!

    But you say nothing as long as welfare and social services hold up the bottom marginalizing the advance of your race and poor whites. This is the Truth you do not want to face. On top of that, Nancy wants the competition, illegals to flood your neighborhoods for the same services and you pay for it. And this is the moral thing to do. Did they ask you? Some times if things do not changes try another path, as there is nothing to lose.


Update Feb. 1 11pm EST


   Better late than never Booker, I guess you had to make sure it was safe to denounce racism, coward. This should have happened hours ago. But it is better than Harris' tepid response. Are you sure you are giving a great example during Black History month? You want to be president, really I doubt it, as the campaign will cut short by a quake and flooding. I hope you have a great game face, you will need it. What you need to know as Black politicians, is that many around you are using you. Northam is exactly, how many in power think about you. It is you that is denial. Has Pelosi stood up in media, No! Has Schumer stood up in the media, No!  They will only move due to public pressure or permission from the new world order, not their heart. Nancy and Chuck, you do not even realize that you are being set up and will be hung up to dry as an example. No have no clue of who your blood oath is being held by and it is no man. Your party will be crushed shortly by the Hands of the Almighty and I as His representative will wield that stick. There is still time to change.


Update Feb. 5 2:30am EST


    As Northam defies the Democratic Party, he may bring them down. With the State of the Union now hours away, his actions forced Pelosi to condemn him late Saturday, yet the main media does not speak about it, why? We have Schumer, he just did it yesterday, yet this is their central theme against the Republicans, unless it is one its own.

   So Black people, let me educate you before you step into more sh.t. A year book has to be signed off by the student government, the faculty and the Administration before being printed. There was no mistake that the picture was on the wrong page, nor would Northam allow another taint his page knowing the risk. I will tell you, he was the one in the hood as this gave courage to the one in black face. Facial recognition when enhancing the picture will prove this, use it. This is who he was, and this is who he is now, just that he lies and hides it. Who do you think is behind the release of sexual misconduct of the Lt. governor? Lt. what you suspected is now true, if you get pass this, you will wish you never did.

   This is a true racistí and your Democratic Party is doing everything to help him behind the scenes, just like the old days as remnants still exist, but many of you look the other way for what you think moves the agenda forward. Nothing has changed. Did your leaders come out immediately and condemn? No! Even Booker took his time, and he is Black. Yes it is a long time ago, but I told like many others in your party, they refine and just hide it. You ask why? Because you are so harden and refuse to believe. If you refuse to impeach one of your own who did it, how can you with Trump when it is people acting on their own under a false sense of permission, which you in the media continues to promote.

   You are hypocrites, as Obama has side stepped this, but now will be pressured. Hillary stood up, but Bill has passed. I told you to judge by actions. Trump is being judged by the actions of others, not his. You say he demeans women, wake up most men demean women and use them for pleasure. Bill got a blow job from a venerable intern in the oval office. For every 2 that are hurt, there is another that will lie down. This is the Truth. Trump was a private citizen. Be careful here as I can command the release the of all your affairs with both women, men, boys and little girls.

   For the Democrats if you do not remove him by the State of the Union, you seal your fate. Remember if he is place when Trump walks off that stage many more of you will be exposed, choose wisely. Again, I do not bluff.

   As for the diversion on contributions for the inaugural balls to gain influence. The crime would be to solicit by design and you think Trump is going to reach out for bribes for a dance? You are insane. The People under him were opportunistic that is it. They contributed and got no access. That was the bottom line. Concentrate on Hillary who received 100ís of millions from foreign countries into her charity. The proof of bribes is that all contributions ended when she lost, look there.

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