What you are not being told about North Korea



Written Sept 3


   All of your analysts placed as experts in the media have lied to the American public. Your CIA stated the North Koreans were years from developing an ICBM and released to the media in which they repeated the words like parrots. This was done in mere months. They told you there were even more years away from miniaturizing technology for nuclear warheads and even a decade from developing thermonuclear weapons. All of this is false, but you were told this a year ago as the technology was coming from the Russians and to some degree the Chinese. Now you hear scientists from the Ukraine are helping them. This is a lie planted by the new world order controlled media as to many questions go unanswered about help so they were introduced as to not reveal the true source as they are aligned with the West. So what is going on?

   Russia and China are preparing for war with the assault against Eastern Europe assisted by Merkel to crush the EU while the Chinese in mass hit the West coast of North America during an electromagnetic pulse blinding US satellites for weeks while simultaneously moving into the Middle East for Armageddon about a year from now. The problem is that they are not ready at this present time so they are using North Korea as a proxy. In return for advanced rocket, nuclear technology, covert food to what seems a rogue nation, they are to create threats towards the West by design and your nation knows this. They are the planned scapegoat. More important is to watch who pushes for diplomatic solutions, traitors as they are in the know. Counter to common belief we need a stop that will not come from the weak. For Trump he can step up and be crushed in the media or save Korea and Japan a year from now when the west is betrayed.

   The new world order deeply embedded now in Congress, Supreme Court, Corporate, Banking, and in almost all State and local levels are on the same page. Media is presenting a diplomatic solution to the American public and this is limiting President Trump solutions. They threaten Guam with and attack, but this was a tactical farce as the president would be able to attack North Korea as an act of war. This is counter to their plan.

   I wrote a paper when my network access was shut down and blocked so let me reveal what was said now.


Political Snap Shot

North Korean Threats



Written Aug. 9 1:59am


   Start! All of you in the media have analyzed tensions in North Korea as if it was gospel. Most of you don’t have a clue to the true agenda and your biggest mistake is restraint of words. They are words. Kim sends missiles, and then you really think, he will listen to a soft tone? You are idiots! Now, the public is given the information that Kim has miniaturized the nuclear warhead and you think calm reassuring words are going to deescalate what is to come? You are fools again leading a blind American public.

   You were told Kim was given the plans to create an ICBM and miniaturizing technology from the Chinese with the blessing of Russia years ago on this web site. Research it. And all your estimates of years away just a few months ago are now, they have achieved. You in media are mouth pieces for the elite and the American public is beginning to realize this, but what you fear is the tipping point which is swiftly approaching.

   Kim is no idiot. He fires towards Japan with tests and announces he will toast Guam. The point none of dozen or less missiles will ever reach their target. Once the missiles are launched they will be destroyed as they are not evasive or stealth, the US will send sniffers for evidence, only then will the US attack leveling that nation under a declaration of war. Every one will be a target, everyone. There is no preemptive strike as there is no real definitive threat unless he launches to targets he will never destroy. So what is his plan?

   Kim is a proxy for China has he can do what China wants, but let him establish a goal. As China a Russia allows world tensions to justify their modernization of their military forces under the guise of defense. This is why the media only concentrates on Kim with the hope China and Russia stops him. Just how do you think this, if they provided Kim with the technology that would have taken the North Koreans many more years to develop?

   Kim will allow his people to suffer and only allow a decapitation with a stand in Kim. But he will launch stealth cruise missiles with 60 foot terrain technology at six different points towards Seoul. These cruise missiles have dirty bomb proximity technology for incoming projectiles and armor plating to explode before being destroyed. The key is to prep using underground tunnels and shielding to avoid satellite or nuclear sniffing technology that depends on wind direction and a lack of rain that would wash away evidence for hours. The launch will occur during a severe rain storm confusing operators observing radar for 40 seconds as you have only a minute to react before 3 or 4 out of the six reaches Seoul. The Thaad system is looking for incoming from above with no defense against a snaking cruise missile using the terrain for cover. The worst part is that China and Russia will be short in all global markets. You do the math. Radiation saturation is the goal. A pinpoint blast at the center of the city is their dream killing 10 million. This is their present plan.

   You promoted Climate change to hide the fact that life on this planet will quickly be extinguished. You promote religions that say only they will be saved, but how with sin on your soul? Only the Roman Catholic Church established by Jesus has the power to forgive sins on earth by their sacred servants or priests. This is what you do not understand. You heard the words I don’t know you and the sad part many of you will hear this.

   I will say this to the religious leaders that tainted the billions; you will pay a severe price. You will watch your cities crumble. You will watch billions starve, but you have no charity. You make excuses as all falls around, because you as a man used your interpretation to control. Jesus speaks, “I established My Church to bring all of you home. I gave you a New Covenant that replaced the Old Testament that Moses established with My Father as this was written. I authorized the Church under Peter and no man has the right to change the Church established in Heaven. This is the will of My Father, God Almighty known as Allah, Jehovah, and I Am. Man interprets My Word only for his gain.”  End!



   While all you debate how the North Koreans advanced so quickly, you ignore the obvious. The military knows, Trump knows and so do certain congressional committees know, but you the general public no, as you are being fed lies from the media. The last hurricane, Harvey was the start of the end times manipulated by that entity Niribu still not known to the general public, but you know it as sanitized Climate Change. Your news concentrates on hope, but this will diminish as resources shortly dry up as disaster after disaster hit the US and a disbelieving public tries to adapt. Most of the Gulf coast and lower Atlantic coastline will be uninhabitable shortly, months not years.

   If delay is the agenda under the guise of diplomacy as the threat of Seoul keeps all in check what to do? Take out the threat along the border just north of the DMZ by any means necessary targeting long artillery placements already known by satellite. Place the ground based advanced Phalanx systems on the northern perimeter of Seoul and use your space based laser systems to protect millions that all of your enemies know is there before it is ripped from the skies by Niribu’s tail. This will take out the few artillery shells that get through. Use the ground penetrating to detect the tunnels and collapse with your mother of all bombs used against the Taliban. This will stop the attempt to move a nuke near Seoul underground. Kim will not stop and only goal is to give time for the forces of the East to get ready. It is one thing to lose South Korea and parts of Japan; it is another to lose Europe and our West Coast. It is your choice as the deliver; I will not stop the assault on our West Coast as you were warned to help your selves. Polarization separates the cowards from the Patriots, which are you?

   Now addressing the faithful, you were told the innocent would be taken with the guilty so that a religion that tells you are safe is a lie. Everyone is told they will protected and saved with every new religion that breaks off from the Roman Catholic Church. Let me make crystal clear, Jesus started His Church and for you to break with any branch is to say you know better than Christ. Jesus speaks, “You are slapping the face of My Father Almighty Jehovah the Creator. Followers, do you really want to face Me and deny My Church that I built through Peter on Judgment Day or during the enlightenment coming through the Warning? This is why I said you that you will do works in My name, but you did not know Me, you followed a man’s interpretation of My Word. Do your own research, question and you will find Me. If you are told to obey it is not Me, but another source. My Word does not change. The Jews My Father’s chosen did deny Me, but I will bring them home. No race or man are above what came from Heaven and now is on earth with, no matter what they have done. So I do not exclude. I do not ask you not to help another. I do not ask for blind obedience to another man, just to Me. To the other religions do you judge others and exclude because they do not believe your version? Only I judge not you and you weak interpretation of My Word as if your minds can grasp the true meaning of the word of God as man. This is not Me as I come for the sinner, do you?”

   The dark one influences all as to make small changes, but no one questions how the founders were influenced? The Bible was changed under whose authorization. The Word of God never changes for man only those who hope subjugate. Did they walk with Jesus, no. Did they speak to God, no as your religion any voice is satan. The sad part is those on the inside know no better as the never question what seems the Truth. As the world falls around you some of you will break free of this dark cloud and realize unless you have to be forgiven of your sins, which only a Catholic priest can do your soul will suffer at the warning. For those who want to make that change and are not Catholic, recite this, seven days in a row every month. This will save your ass, I mean soul.


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