The Hawaiian Nuclear Alert




Updated Jan. 14 6:30pm EST


   The nuclear alert in Hawaii that was released by EAS backed your current media and government sources were deliberate in what happened behind the scene as some politicians notice. In order to activate the missile alert system there must be an initiation and confirmation by NORAD and an access code to be verified in triple redundancy. This was not the case.

   Your clue was that one button was pushed and when pushed, he who pushed it saw the alert without any verification in real time. Did he call to verify his mistake as the alert went public as he pushed the button? Why the 38 minute delay and why was not the president notified to make a timely announcement? Most important is that the military base at Pearl Harbor was not on alert. Why did no one from the base give clarification?

   Again this warning was by design. There are safe guards in place, but these were overridden by those aligned with the new world order. The goal was to see how the US population trapped would react to an inbound nuclear weapon with minutes to live. All would seek shelter rather than run. A conclusion was few survivors as many would freeze and just cry as shown on CNN, thus containment of a future threat. For once in the media you need to stop being pawns of the elite. Billions will die and I will be there if you do not turn to the light, Thus I will see your souls thrown into the lake of fire for y7our deceit, but you future just yet, is not set.

   The test worked and backed up what covert government psychological studies predicted. So the targeting of selected US cities will go ahead to sculpt the population in needed areas delivered by the Russian subs as those in power look the other way. So what affect did this have on the American mainland public? They on the most part will ignore future warnings, which was also a sub sinister plan as few will be in survivor centers in key cities maximizing the removal of the common man. Nothing has changed since my first warning as most continue to ignore their fate in denial. This is their plan.


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