The Murder of the NYPD Officers



Written Dec. 22


   Many in both among the leaders of the NYPD and those in the Black community were taken back by these murders executed in the mind of the perpetrator as justified, donít lie to yourselves now that the innocent were slain. No apology from anyone can set straight what has happened. You were told on both sides judge each act as individual, but Black leaders failed that test in Furguson only. This is on you. You, the NYPD known as the Finest as I grew up under your watch are put to the test everyday. Yes 2 of your own were taken unjustly, yes the gunman was influence by events in Furguson and then his hate was escalated by events shown to the world in New York.

   You in the NYPD understand the nature of street violence and for many it just takes one event to turn cold for you are human. The trust of the community has been put in your hands and violence as you have been told will only escalate. I ask you for I have been part of a union; consider justice first instead of the solidarity of the Blue Wall. The officer that did choke hold Garner, used excessive force to bring down a big man. Did the officer intend to kill him, no? Subdue him aggressively, yes in front of his peers as this is the macho man attitude of some in the NYPD that needs to change in an obvious situation that poses no real threat. There is a time for compassion and there is time to take out a threat. You were trained to differentiate, but some blur the line.

   When the subject fell and spoke words all have heard before they assumed get an advantage all paid no attention for he could come along calmly for a crime that was petty. Mouth to mouth to save his life, all were saying not me in the back of their minds and did nothing as all looked on. Life in the streets has changed this. Is this what you want for America? All of you on the outside speak up as you would have done this and that, but none of you are in that position. How many times have a calm situation blown up into sudden violence and you have run from your own families and you talk about strangers? He was shocked and full of remorse after Garner died, but that was too late in the eyes of the media and the Black community, which in truth have seen too much of this in the past. It was opening another festering wound.

   The Blue Wall protects its own, but if you violate a rule of conduct on video offer support of a lawyer and hope he keeps his job. As all of you who stand behind an injustice is labeled as one. This was your mistake.

   The leaders of the Black Community all of know word of mouth, supersedes the truth. The world saw a community burned mostly by those who hoped to collect insurance, all violence and destruction supported in the name of justice points to the Black community. They got paid and your property values headed south and you are none the wiser. You were told the world was watching and you were setup, but you continued anyway as this took on a life of its own and not one of you on point including the Congressional Black Caucus had the wisdom to step up and examine and present the facts to those you lead.

   Now that the influence that started in Furguson and this is the truth no matter you spin it, the new world order in tandem with random events of cop killing hatred spurred by the dark side will paint the Black community just as the community of the cops as polarized and to be seen as individual groups of one. This needs to end now and here.

   Communities do not kill cops and cops do not kill communities. Most officers a sense of love and concern for those they serve, it is the few that cross the line. That is the bottom line. Sadly many ravaged by the loss of the many injustices have had enough and now the few who want to inflict their justice are approaching a dither point as to respect for policemen as they should not let the actions of few dictate the vision of the whole. As leaders it takes courage to judge each event on its own. Shortly the Black Community will need the police as the disasters put the weak against those who will take and just who is going to respond with the hate created?

   The shooting of the 2 NYPD officers was a tragic event taken by an influenced individual and you as Black leaders need to realize the power of your words and the riots spurred on in Furguson. Now much change has come forth from yours words bringing this nation together, but not in Furguson and at no time does anyone think anyone would do this with intent, but they have. Listen to the hate that pours forth from the Black youth who listens to hearsay first. From now when you speak, when you cite injustice do it in a way they does not support the slaying of those who protect this nation, but allow a process to get bad officers off the street. Nor do we need to suspect all Black people. Observe first while protecting yourselves and then take the appropriate action as it is your job the save the victims and then those who perpetrate crimes. Know this; take the police away and few families would be safe from violence no matter how you spin it. You have no right to judge others especially as a group for this leads to more division in an already unsafe world. Heed these words on both sides for it is about the Greater Good.


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