The Obama - Romney Debate

Oct. 3 2012



Written Oct 4


   As I watched the debate last night I was expecting a knock out punch and closure on the election as was every other democrat and fearful republican. But this did not happen; within the first few minutes I said who is on this stage. I see the president speaking, but where is the connection. It came to a point to where I did not listen to the words you were speaking. You have become complacent, but now you will rise from the ashes. Yes you lost this, own it and there is no excuse as you could have fired the advisors that planned this as your gut told you to do. Did you listen to the inner voice, no, but you will now.

   Sometimes you must fall to know what you stand. You stand for the American people. Never follow the lead of others as you do not have the gift to see who guides their souls. Some of those who advised you on what say in last night’s debate are influenced by the dark one. You underestimated the group that you are against and Romney delivered for his masters.

   You will choose your policy. You will now ask for guidance from the only source. Now normally out of respect of who you are, the president of these United States which I am so proud of, I would give advice. In this instance as this is so important for the direction of this nation, I am telling you out of love what you are going to do and it must come from the heart. When you get a chance one evening by yourself get on your knees and say the Our Father, then do 5 decades of the Hail Mary after call on Jesus to help you. Let his words become yours and you will never look back. Do this for America. Do this for you.

   Please do this for me, because I do not want to go back to the days when I write a decisive paper and I walk next door to dunkin donuts approximately 25 troops scatter out several vehicles that were parked for some time into the stores simultaneously to intimidate. When I go on vacation Virginia Beach it is a game of stare as unmarked military type vehicles roll slowly turning their heads in unison as they pass while I walk down the street as if their crew cuts are suppose to make me tremble, really. It bothers my family slightly that they notice, for me I know that I am irritating the elite. I fear nothing except the Almighty. I do not want to see America face an increased level of earth changes because Romney wins and the will of the NWO now becomes his. Never again will you let another take away that which you command. The fire that burns in your soul to lead this nation. This is why you ran for president of these United States. This is why you pledged your life to help all of the people including the rich. This is what I expect you to deliver to the American people, God first and the needs of the people second. Now go out there and win this. May God Bless you.


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