Obama, Putin, and Boehner



Written Sept 28


   Obama and Putin have met as this had to be with both being in close proximity as the alternative would have raised the same flags in the media that that the Joint Chiefs are concerned with, the defense of this country from a sneak attack. Both knew each agenda and Putin smelled weakness. Obama cannot paint Putin as building towards destabilizing the Middle East as the military buildup continues leading to a world war as he would be labeled insane. Thus the leak of the Russian fighters coming in under stealth mode, but countered that US satellites (advanced technology now reveled under that cover) detected them. This is the plight of Obama.

 What he did say to Putinís face is that he will level Russia and its allies without regard to civilian population, if America is attacked on his watch. Putin wisely will wait until after the election preying on the weakness of the new president who ever they may be. As their choice will be a limited response, while Obama knowing the threat will just take them all out. This is where we stand in Syria and the Ukraine.

   Neither would smile. Neither will back down. Neither toasted as all leaders did as Obama knows Putin will deceive and lie until all forces are in place. Not one of the candidates has the wisdom and the courage to confront those behind the new world order and your election process shows the weakness of your leaders to the world and the people of the United States. When tested and war comes to this nation and all out of fear will seek another alliance. This is the power you are about to face.

   Boehner opted out as the agenda of this government is lead by a small faction of the elite, yet you are led to believe it is the extreme right. The fact that all Republicans fear a small group when this could be negated if all chooses to stand in unison. You have been herded to believe this nonsense. Boehner sees the hand writing on the wall and is telling the truth of how those in Congress see the present tactics that has and will continue to divide and fail by design. Enlighten, yes, but this did not come from the pope as he cried that he finally came to address Congress. He sensed another.


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