Response to the Obama Speech

Sept 10 2013



Written Sept 10


   As Obama addressed the world and just what did we hear? Yes Syria used chemical weapons as this was designed to bring the world into war. Did Syria sign a chemical weapons ban? No, so they legally are not in violation, but are morally wrong. This nation has used WMD to kill hundreds of thousands and still maintains a nuclear stockpile greater than the rest of the world together. Have these facts seem to be forgotten conveniently? Do not lie to this world about crossing a line as we did in Japan in 1945 twice and this is our threat. Ok you state, its use prevented thousands of our soldiers from being killed in an invasion. If you showed this power to Japan on an uninhabited Pacific atoll as a demonstration, do you think they would fight? No, your egos wanted to show the world your new power. How pathetic.

   You won’t admit we armed Israel with our nuclear weapons and if attacked the Middle East would be a wasteland. Under national security you will lie. Now I respect you Obama and your family is an inspiration to mine. You don’t know how hard it was to turn down Henninger, but there were concerns.

   You depend on your advisors and this is your flaw as many have been compromised. They fill you with intelligence that has truth, but shall add half truths. Your speech was strong while offering an avenue of a designed peace, well played. In the end this is a lie no matter how you spin it. The “incident” allowed evidence to the world was by design, but again most atrocities were created by those outside of Assad. This is the level of deceit that befalls this world. You know this, but you base the argument on a specific event to point the finger. Kerry as I am pointing to you, why is a response so needed? Who is pulling your strings as you cannot lie to the Almighty? This world has seen many injustices and you pick this with conviction.

   Know this, you have been given an opportunity to allow Syria to join the international community and destroy their weapons. Assad sees this as a win-win situation, but will be undermined by rogue units. A military strike will not get all of weapons and Russia will just replace them with something greater. The goal is to start a war, as there is no national security threat to the US, unless you are like the Bush administration who allowed 9/11 to happen and this is the Truth.

   The Moslem world only sees that Syria offered peace no matter how you spin it, as they do not listen to the world news. The region will explode in war if attacked and not one of you will control it. You stated no boots on the ground, but atrocities will escalate to a point forcing you to move, then what? Did you not anticipate this scenario? Your status like other world leaders will fall and it is this that will open the door for a new leader. Like suckers you fell for the trap. A leader considers all options that preserves the will of the people. A leader filters out all of the noise. A leader looks beyond what is presented and ask why have these events occurred? This world has been mastered by the dark one and Rothschild's' over centuries and few souls or one on this world  is up to the challenge to save this world. Obama, look at what you face, heed your family's advice, you can not change this. By the way you have cross the line and subject to all mortal events. If you value these words then you need the seal of protection. Use it if you hope to see the earth change with your family. This must happen, but all I ask is to slow down as these events can be weaken with a resolve of caution, good luck.


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