Release the Oil



Written Mar. 6 6:30 pm EST


   The American people have been lied to. Biden implemented the green new deal as to reduce the carbon footprint in America in the eyes of the progressives. Biden once in office used executive orders to close Federal Lands and change regulations here in the United States as a start to achieve these goals. Now it took the Ukraine war to expose the truth. It is not the green new deal that hurts America, as that saves the earth in theory. But, it is how they did it in a deceitful fashion that should concern you.

   So Biden, you shut down the American oil industry and imposed regulations to impede drilling and closed down existing wells and some fracking. Then when prices rose on the spot oil market and in your wisdom or lack of, Biden, you decided to buy billions of dollars worth of Russian and Iranian oil outside of the common knowledge in America. I state outside of main stream America, as if it was disclosed to the media as to what was the source of imported oil, you were using to shunt runaway gasoline prices. The general public did not know. Biden, your methods are so sneaky and wrong. It reminds me of your son. You paid the Russians and terrorists (Iran) to maintain a supply of oil to keep down gas prices so your policies look acceptable. Is this the American way? Do you remember Russia and Iran are the enemy, but if it helps your administration, you and others look the other way.

   Now your clueless Speaker of the House, Pelosi wants you to cut supplies completely without a replacement. This time in your White House push back, you decision is correct. Really as if this new narrative will correct the Biden slide in polls? Will this same rule apply to the EU? No, you as Americans will pay the price of war and the oil shortage. Cut off gas and oil to the EU it falls. Russia will cut of key imports that we can not replace like fertilizers and rare inert gases and earths., so now what?

   Ukraine is a lost cause, but your leaders will send good money after bad. You really think a comic puppet put in place by the US Government, is going to win against Putin, when Biden does not know if he would win in WW3? You keep asking, how if we are a superior force can lose? The point that needs to get reinforced in your minds no matter the media spin. The EU folds if it gets hit with a nuke, Biden folds if several US cities get wiped out. Putin does not care if he loses a 100 million, but Biden will hit only military targets only. This will be his demise. Winning is the end game and people can be replaced. It is about who blinks first in this game.

   Your leaders need to know, you the American people will pay the price at the pump dearly for their Diplomatic mistakes in the Ukraine. They need to reverse current energy policies for the good of this nation. Know this, supplies from the Middle East will be curtailed due to upcoming geo disasters still not known to the general public, yet to occur. So exactly what I am I saying. Biden has been briefed of the current state of affairs that will affect all of the people of the earth. Every nation and its leaders knows that Climate Change plays only a small part in the current earth changes. Again, your leaders expect you to die in disasters that will catch the public by surprise. But known to your leaders, only the timing is unknown as to the day. Upcoming events will devastate the West, but not the East. Heed this.

   3 hit squads coming at the comic revealed by the Russians? So the Russians did not increase their level security and detailed info is released? No, you were told the hit squads are from the West and the Russians did inform the comic. You kill the comic and you solidify Ukraine resolve as a martyr. This would not help the Russians, but alive the comic will spill secrets on the Bidens, priceless. Remember as the world falls into darkness, all is not what it seems.


Updated Mar. 8 10:59 pm EST


   So you really did it Biden, even when warned and what a price will you pay from the Almighty? If you go into the Black or Hispanic home in America and ask them, would you want to save the Ukrainians or pay 90 to 110 dollars to fill your cars and trucks? The first answer from many would be who? Then, what the f..k is a Ukrainian? They are fighting the Russians in Europe, whaaaat, wherrrre, F..K them. This is how out of touch you are from the common man.

   You harden your attitudes to where there is no compromise and now, because of your mistakes, greed, putting a little puppet leader in place, we are suppose to care? You make another mistake and billions can die and souls lost. This is not an option for the Almighty. The right thing to do is mind our own business where the greater good loses. Your version of war is lets all play nice, until Putin knows that his nation will be leveled along with his allies, nothing will change. This was the motto of WW2. This is same motto when all is on the line, you should take today. This is the new world order bluff turned on the West. We will destroy all, while your leaders scream please. Fear rules the weak.

   Ukraine is a former Russian state that had missiles pointed at us a few decades ago. Some still consider the West the enemy, as they should. Some of its citizens only wear the Democracy mask until things change. And you think the comic puppet you put in place is worth defending. Quietly you donít, as that is why the West sends hits squads to take out the snitch and point the finger at Russia. It is a well orchestrated game.

   America, not only has Biden shut down the energy sector in this nation, but he has doubled down. Only American has shut down importing all Russian oil products. Europe will continue to buy at inflated prices caused by the squeeze here in America. So in plain English the oil companies and speculators get rich by design, The Russians make billions more than their losses in America as prices rise in Europe. You the American consumer is screwed, as you pay a moral price that achieves nothing, so Russia does not turn off the gas in Europe. Remember never let a good crisis go to waste.

   The Biden Administration is lying to you. They only care about winning in November, not the plight of its people. That word you painted on Trump racism, which is worse now under the guidance of the one who wears the invisible KKK hood in the WH. You put up a statues of a criminal and took down American History. How is that working? You are so woke, that BLM leaders walked away with millions while you fools were rioting in the streets burning your own cities. Again how is that working for you? It isnít.

   You are being played by both sides. Putin will leave Ukraine when the great transfer of wealth from the middle class in America and Europe is complete. The West who could meets his demands, but they wonít again by design. The eastern territories and Crimea are a given. Nothing is changing there. Neutrality from Ukraine to end this. It was never about this as its leaders are so corrupt they feared being taken out by the Russians in an upcoming election. No more drug and prostitution money.

   The leaders of Ukraine sold the weapons America sent them to protect their nation Middle Eastern terrorist and their army most have deserted, but you will not hear this in your media. It is all about the money, ask Hunter. So how racist is the media in America? If Obamaís daughter was caught smoking crack like Hunter and sex crazed, how would that go? You need to check yourselves. Sorry Obama, a needed lesson.

   I do not see an army of 200K or even 100K, squads here and there and again stories of combat, but no film. Go on Biden send Polandís MIGS to Ukraine, they will be shot out of the sky and where will they land, refuel, and rearm? Then you want to send our aircraft to Poland at a cost of billions, you are dim. Sympathizers will transfer technology to Russia. As all are not on board with the West and some just want to get paid.

   Russia has toyed with Ukraine. The cities could have been flatten. The Nuclear reactors could have been breached. The bio-labs exposed and their classified toxic agents released, but the back side will lead to Fauci funding. Fauci has been funding advanced bio-weapons research in Russia, Ukraine, India and China, you need to ask why if there are the enemy? Simple answer no oversight and all report to one.

   You were told both sides in this war is controlled by one entity. I told you look at who gains to find the truth. Ukrainians die, Billions spent on an un-winnable war, gas prices crush the common man, the elite get rich in both the West and East, politicians solidify their control. Examine that sentence to see the winners. It is the new world order and many of your leaders are their pawns. Just know, the Europeans would rather than purchase oil and gas from Russia as it stands today, than from the US. Heed this.


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