Oklahoma Quake Swarms



Written Jun 26


   The clues that the earth changes are now here for those who want to see, but allow denial to the public. You asked for the Truth in a sign, but preserve human life. Now you have a series of quakes in what was a relatively stable geological area has occurred exponentially over the past months mostly within 10 miles of the surface of earth. You ask, what is going on?

   The answer by the “experts” is that fracking waste water pumped back underground is lubricating fault lines, but there are few compare to active quake areas.  Know this; they are lying. Compare the depth of the quakes to where this water is generally injected. There is a disparity that cannot be explained. If they say it seeped over time they why the deeper quakes first in quantity than shallow quakes at the source? Only now as the sub structure has been freed to move the quakes are occurring at shallower depths. What you do want to do is to listen to paid fools as cities may get destroyed. Oklahoma City your city may be at risk. Is there a government plan or do they just expect you to just die?

   To the media, if they dumb down the Richter of the quakes or just delete to prevent the Truth on a basic level where people are in peril, then they do not have your or our country’s best interest. It is time to choose, but do not let those who would incite anarchy lead you down a false path to revolt. This is the best government in the world, even though lawmaking process is broke, but with a true effort from patriot elected leaders who put country first instead of party or agenda, we can rise for all.


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