A Warning to those in the New World Order


Written Apr. 5 10:30 pm EST


   This is no different than in the time of Moses, as a peasant man, the Deliverer goes against the power of Egypt. That spirit is here today. The Almighty has given the power to set in process a series of events. First your loved ones will be involved in accidents that seems normal and severe health problem will follow. Now you have a choice, change your ways. If not, you will regret that. Mortal men can not go against the power of God. Heed this. And if you think the dark one will protect you, he lies and will claim your soul upon death. We are at the first step.

   If you think about coming after me or anyone I associate with or family. The one who hatches the plan will be removed from earth. The assassins and their families will join them before their mission accomplished. Please try and there will be many less dark souls, as this is not the first time. Tell those who volunteer of the risks. You can not spend money if you are dead. Intimidation like at Dunkin Donuts or Myrtle Beach in the past, will not work, as they did not then. The Almighty does not make threats, He delivers. Remember, the Almighty starts at the top and works down.


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