Outrage at the Border



Written Jun 22 5pm EST


   All watch the media as children are used as an example of exploitation. As a spokesman for the Almighty, He is displeased with the deception being presented by the media to lead America astray. The parents of these children left extreme poverty with meals only available by begging fore some. Sexual abuse by fathers and relatives in homes that are under 100 square feet and you call their treatment inhumane? This is what they flee as they are no different than the many of the poor in your own cities. You have been told all that you see is not what you perceive. The migration is by design as the flow through Mexico is unimpeded. Migrants in Africa when they make the journey to the EU, many are sold for slaves, raped or thrown overboard for not being Muslim and not one of you stand up for that injustice. This is why your God, the Father Almighty will unleash His wrath upon your pathetic earth.

   Lawyers are running to protect them as they hope to get pushed into the spotlight. It is all about promotion. There are thousands of cases in the US that need your help, but you look the other way as it is not popular. They are escaping violence and need help, but are not the blacks and Latinos trying to escape the same violence and gangs in our inner cities? Where is the help Democrats? I will say it again; yes we are a country that offers help to others, but not at the expense of our own. Who pays for schooling and public services? Whose jobs get displaced due to influx of cheap labor of the books, thus no tax revenue? Who has to pay higher rents due to the increased demand for housing? This is not the 19th and early 20th century when all was welcome. Democratasaurs do you not see this? Controlled assimilation through quotas according to are needs were put in place for a reason, but as politicians you just canít seem the grasp the concept as personality is first and brains well. Charity starts at home.

   The elite have arranged for the flow of migrants to increase as this will start a race war prophesized in the Bible. Just how long due you think the alt will stand still before they see themselves as protecting this country? Massive numbers accepted means acceleration in border crossings and again who is paying for this? Where will they be resettled, not in rich neighborhoods? This country is broke and can not take on more debt and other countries that the elite have exploited are allowing passage of the poor. They are under educated with health problems are the jobs the media states needs to be filled for the most part are off the books. You are promoting a need for jobs to exploit poor illegal immigrants as fear keeps them in place, fear if ICE. It is all about the elite lowering the cost of labor and the bonus Middle Class wages continue to stagnate. This is the lie. Assimilation is not the current plan by the elite, but change is. This is what this nation needs to realize. Few Americans agree with what is said in the liberal media as the polls are false as in the time of the last presidential election, this is why everything is now so orchestrated.

   For Trump, you have one choice shift judges to immigration where justice is swift, in or out in 20 days. Army Corp. of Engineers needs to be in place now constructing the wall. Migration has destroyed the EU and that will not occur here. This warning is final as the Almighty will destroy Central America to prevent or delay a race war in this country by my request.

   Change it now or I will through the power of God Almighty. It is about compassion, but not greed.


Side Note


   The youth need consider what leads to gang rapes as this will increase even here in America. Just because you get the woman to say yes does not means your friends will be accepted. You are being used by your friends, never allow them to convince you she is the gangís girl and in the end even though it was consensual with the woman at first, she will feel betrayed as you let others attack her. With that, your consensual affair is now rape. Heed this.



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