Panama Papers



Written Apr 12 1am


   With the release of the Panama Papers, the elite are scrambling to eliminate those behind the leak. This will fail. Is this an isolated event or a measured release over time is their concern. For those looking to cover all aspects concerning money transfers now is about the time left until the public realizes they have been lied too. Many are nervous and are moving their money to more secure locations, but the transfers are detected. The elite have no clue as to who is behind this and the Truth will upset them.

   I have told you, the world leaders there will be one government and one religion, when it is all said and done, but you still think you are in control. Why listen. In order to achieve this, the people or citizens of this world have to lose faith in those that govern them, like by the circus by design that is now occurring in the US. The lack of leadership in the EU as migrants overrun their countries and terrorism brings them to their knees. Now it is corruption, as your leaders have another agenda than other than moving forward the will of the people and more important the nation. What the world sees is the truth, but is the tip of the iceberg as there are thousands of events yet to come.

   Heads of states granting favors or contracts for deposits in off shore accounts, this is nothing new, the Bushes took money from the Nazis in the thirties and forties and the Kennedyís acquired their wealth during prohibition. Both families were smart enough to make it and get out, educate their children in the elite universities and history sees the result. If you look at the children of both families Kennedy stood up for the people in his effort to remove the strangle hold of the Bank of England from the Federal Reserve put in place by turncoat Wilson. He was a hero, but died at the hands of elite assassins. The Bushes engineered a false flag event in order to control Middle Eastern oil as the earth changes were supposed to happen according to an alien website in 2003. This is the truth.

   All evil comes from one source and the goal is the soul. Many of you in the elite have pledged your souls in blood and have been rewarded with power and money. W did you really think that dark blood ceremony in the Skull and Bones at Yale was non binding? All of this is known by the dark one who now runs the new world order by proxy until the right time. He has lied to you and now his time has come and with it, you the leaders who have led and raped this world will be exposed systematically to make way for the one.

   All of you will burn in hell and it is your master that will torture you, as you have taken advantage of Godís children. What you have to worry about now is your lives on earth is about to take a nasty turn. What you do not realize, there is no allegiance as what you are dealing with is not a man. All of you will be betrayed or killed as scandal after scandal exposed almost all. On this note with leadership weaken and all looking for a change most will be just happy to keep their jobs in the government and military. Without focus there is a window of opportunity and it is here the Russians and Chinese will over run the EU.

   God help your woman of age above 7 and beauty. Asian men and many Europeans (the British) who visit Thailand like them young, and more important, in their uniforms. This is the nasty Truth. The Russians can move with no warning and overrun your perimeters once in among the population, it is game over. The US is not going to amass a rescue against the Dragon, but instead the military will make a stand at home. We saved your asses after Dunkirk; in return your Bank of England rapes our Federal Reserve and do not pay your fair share of NATO. We are not baby sitters. You are on your own.

   All of you were told of the new world order and have agreed and belong. You have your conferences as you discuss the fate of the world, although the dark one seals yours. This is the difference. To make this happen the leaders have to go, surprise. To the elite, you are dead by the hands of your own, first your wife turns, then your family and then the new world order as there is no need for a liaison if population sculpting is the goal. Do I have your attention!

   None you in this planet have taken my words seriously, but some listen and the process is too slow. The time for listening is over, now the Almighty will cleanse this world by my request. The Almighty will lose not one soul as he would rather them lose their flesh than their soul. The numbers will be in the billions. Heed the warning.

   You the elite have ruled since the dawn of time and nothing you see shall change this. A banking system that slices a percentage over time until great wealth has been achieved. All that have achieved the pinnacle of their lives rule nations where words inspire the public and actions get overlooked. Those that bring this to the attention of the public are radicals, but there is always a mix that is implanted that cuts the conscience of the public thus creating a divide. Engineered events occur to solidified support among the people with a common cause. Then debt enslaves the population. And you are none the wiser.

   Oh that has worked, but there is a new sheriff in town and it is not the general as he will assist. I am putting the world on notice. Your time is over and you will choose by a series of events, the Almighty or the new world order you have days within this year to make a decision.


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