Paper Bag Threats




Written Feb 23


   As the war escalates between good and evil, you in the intelligence agencies need to know about the cowards that leads your nations within the CIA and MI6. Just which one of your snakes authorized the attempt on my son’s plane to England on a school trip during this past break? Who authorized the remote video surveillance walking pass the beverage lines at the dome and the side scan in section 310 minutes later after a failed close shot to update facial recognition files? Who authorized the surveillance in the UK on my son? I fear nothing as your plans failed as this is being release so those you fool, knows the Truth. But know this; you are being given an opportunity to change as those you lead have no clue to the Truth. Just know it was just a small test to see if we would react in fear, there was none with the courage of God, but those you hired need to fear including those unseen.

   God wants all of you, but pride has you thinking, it is a weak concept. So be it. Authorized by Jesus, we will start at top until you change. Accidents will happen as a natural order. This is not my decision as a tool, but God's as He is the author of life and can take it. Please make that choice now in your arrogance or repentance, so that we will need not wait to eliminate or save your sorry souls, please. The Almighty will strike down all those who oppose His message. This again is the Truth. I hope that some will think again, that I might be on the wrong side.

   Illuminati, in all your power and wealth, why is it that your master hides? He states, he is all powerful and controls this world, yet cowers in the light of God when it is his time. Is this your hero? I am human and he is the ultimate dark angel now incarnated into a man that challenged God, but refuses to come forward in the presence of humans that have the power of God within. Smoke that in your darks rooms of power as the world watches and some in this world realize, there is a satan. If there is a God then there is evil and it is satan. You see this every day through the actions of man as life progresses. How is it that all that is evil allows me to live with all of the world’s resources in your hands? Yes you are a pain as you crush web access and true numbers, but this will not last much longer as you think you have won. God will bring this earth to its knees during the Warning to cleanse it. As He who controls this universe shall bring a comet upon this earth and all shall know the power of the Almighty. Your king will manipulate this world as you give him power under peace only to push the button into a nuclear war which will destroy billions under the guise of population reduction. There is no comparison to God who can destroy a world or save it in His mercy and an entity that destroys some life on a world through human war. Know the difference. You the elite may survive the war in bunkers, but your bunker will not protect you during the Warning. Again, know which side you stand for as the world watches, your time is up.


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