The Peace Process

NWO Deception



Written Jun 28


   As the battle for the souls ramps up talk of peace, truce and withdrawal will flood the media in the months and years to come. Know this; geopolitical events, strategic moves by opposing armed forces and the media are now coordinated across all major world powers, yet to the world of the common man, there are two side of opposing forces. Few leaders know of the plan as they are just following blind orders. This is by design. Again I stress, create the problem through a series of what seems thousands of uncoordinated events where society is brought to the brink, then offer the solution, the NWO.

   In a world where false flag terrorism will grind nations to a halt. Where the Mid East explodes, then in the defense of Israel world war 3 shall break out. Diplomats trying to avoid what will take place, shall freeze defense compatibilities of NATO as a sign of hope of peace but will be betrayed by their own. The nuclear war will last only a few days by design again. Sacrifice of some western cites including agreed pre-determined targets in the US authorized by the shadow government by reducing them to ash and its surviving population will beg for a resolution. This is how the world will overwhelmingly accept a one world government where all are treated as one as a single man will broker what seems like peace. Watch as the world falls for this trap and deceit as millions have died.

   You see Iraq and how they overran the army trained by the US and now we are proposing training Syria. I guess the slap on the left cheek was not enough, so now let them slap the right, but make the defense firms given the contracts to train them pocket a half a billion dollars, which the Republicans say we donít have, but are curiously quiet. I wonder why? I say give a couple of million to those who trained the Republican Guard.

   Putin has a plan, does this country have a counter other than the billion extra for NATO and a few B2s the US shows on the surface, although plans are hidden, but they shall fall short? He lies as satellites show you the conflict in Ukraine has crossed borders with tanks and a source of weapons. Withdrawal is presented to the media, but he asks the Russian Parliament for the right to invade. It is here you let your guard down as if they could stop him, but you are meant to believe this. You have been told the Russian are testing our West Coast airspace and this is following agreed protocol again they lie. You are told they now have accurate cruise missiles. This is the truth. What you have not been told is that the Rothschild fortune and the technology primarily taken from US corporations owned by proxy by him is backing them just like certain insurgents. This is the deceit this world is facing and it is only the beginning.


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