The pope Comments on Pedophile Priests



Written Aug. 21 1am EST

   Today we hear the (dark) pope condemns the pedophile activities of the priests in Pennsylvania. This is not new, as whispers and law suits have disclosed this over time. Only now in the End Times is the Truth revealed. What was done when he took office, nothing? Like with all that controls this world, change only comes when the crimes against the innocent have been revealed. In the case of the Catholic Church, a trust has been breached. The black pope (Jesuit) talked about the little ones, yet in his archives, the information released only scratches the surface of abuses over the centuries. Does the pope hope to reform the church, no? The sinister plan is to reveal more abuses as to accelerate the faithful to abandon the Church as he is the false prophet and lies about reforms that are not in place. He answers to another as no solution is offered. The apology rings hallow to the victims. This is the point. He is no John Paul 2.

   Jesus Speaks, I founded My Church over 20 Centuries ago with a New Covenant between God and His Children with the goal to bring you Home to the Father. As I am in Him and the Father is in Me. Some of My sacred servants have betrayed Me, like Judas, and led My flock astray as they fell to the temptation of satan. They have free will like the fallen angels. This was written as in this time.  I died for your sins and including those created by My servants. Do you not think as your God, I did not foresee the turmoil in your world as did the Father? I am your salvation and your only path to the Promise Land. Do not be swayed by what you see as the sins of men, because that is what it is. I gave the world the written Word, inspired by the Father meant to guide you home. In the confusion of what you will face in this world, remember there is one God, there is one Law, His, there is one salvation. Never abandon Me, because of the sins of mankind, as they are influence by another. I am Love and its only source. Come to Me on Judgment Day so we can be together until the end of time.

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