People of the Earth, You are at Your Turning Point


Written May 11 11:59 pm EST


   All of you are so blind. Yes, the Covid virus is by the Hand of God, as you have no true trace. Yes, it killed upwards of 25 million in China, but many by their own Chinese hands as to stop the spread. Yet your media is muzzled. China does not believe in God, so this was perceived among their own population, as a western plot originating in the United States. They believed it, and took reparations as a source, to close in reverence the death of a loved one without talking. They were told, talk, implying the unknown. I told you, that the virus would bring Xi to his knees. It did, but in the balanced, evil pushes back by design. This is their time, as written.

   The new world order is in control of their lackeys, the W.H.O., spreading what you now know was disinformation. Your media downplays the source by design. As family members die do you not look to the source? Our lack system to allow the Chinese operatives with vials of the virus, mixed in with travelers to spread it among nations. As regular visitors from their country, were none the wiser. Why may this true? What the EU and America lacked, was Chinese tourists in their hospitals in great amounts, as a source. If they were the carriers, why did not the media report this? Because, it came from another source, and your media was fed an narrative. It was planted.

   I ask you, look at the hot spots. Washington State saw an outbreak in a nursing home, but it stopped. Again, this is set a narrative. I told you weeks ago, the leaders of New York were sending Covid-19 patients to die in nursing homes, and now you jump on the story, weeks later? Cuomo was led to enact this policy by those in his administration. He was told, it would relieve precious hospital bed space. He was deceived. The order had a sinister result, pointing to Cuomo by design. You ask why?

   As Biden fades, in the national arena Cuomo was a natural choice. The new world order guaranteed a win in November going against Trump. He turned them down. So what was put in place without is direct knowledge, now an after thought is pinned on him.

   All is not what it seems. You are all focused on recovery from Covid-19, but your leaders lie. Idiot governors show their incompetence, two on a boat no matter its size, while all families live together. Another clamping down to excise her power. The Almighty will bring them to their knees as an example. This is done.

   The new world order used the natural occurrence of Covid-19 to strangle the weak, and now, they are under submission. With the statement of social distancing, your jobs were taken away. You have been financially enslaved. What you are not being told, few of you will be reemployed. Fear, keeps people from flying and taking vacations. Fear keeps people from going to see a show, and going to a restaurant. Fear keeps people from riding public transportation, and you believe the lies, all will be well?

   The new world order has infected your food processing plants and nursing homes by design, and you are none the wiser. This is rarely mentioned, that the bulk infected are illegals or migrant workers, why is that?

   The point, food supplies will dwindle, as hunger and unemployment will crush America. Yet we export to China pork in a shortage. You will pay the higher price. The lack of recovery, will destroy families, and invoke social discord. Just how long social services will last, before the value of the dollar falls to the levels of a third world currency. This is the plan of the new world order. Then what, will your savings buy? While you in the media focus on Russia and Trump. You are idiots, as your world will shortly not be the same. The next lesson will take hundreds of millions in quakes and tsunamis. On top of this, will be wild weather. Seek God in the sanctuary of your churches, blocked by design. Heed this.

   Do not waste time on the deep state Democrats and Republicans, they will or already have met their fate. Again, we start at the top. This nation is polarizing by design. Separation of the sheep from the chafe. Opinions forged in stone, by the media upon the common man. So what is behind the release of information on Schiff? What about Flynn, and they say the fix is in?

   The new world order wants to destroy your political and financials systems. They will continue to expose all of your revered leaders as political leeches. The plan, you seek another government, the new world order. This is the current plan. What is so sad so many hoped for a position. Now they know, they were used and will be killed.


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