Perception of the Polarization of Racial America




Written Aug. 28 11pm EST


   I am sending a warning to the elite. Yes you have herded public opinion to where almost all think Trump is racist no matter his past actions or words of condemnation. You do not know what is in his heart, but God knows. Condemn every injustice is a waste of time it is about change that includes all, not just the voices of the extreme left. Yes there are unspeakable crimes that need to be condemned, but no one has a right to say it should come quicker, more sincere with more definitive words. That is your choice. Where were those definitive words when the right had Obama with a noose around his neck? I thought so. It seems courage only comes with numbers instead of an unpopular view to back the just. Or do you back human perversion as a right, because they have feelings. Just how will you feel when they prey on your impressionable children? Where the rights of others supercede the rights of all and the Laws of God? Know this, San Francisco will be destroyed and know it was the hand of God.

   Years ago I told you this nation will polarize and that time is now. I told you, that you as children of God have no right to judge another as only our Lord has that right, but you continue to twist opinions through your media. What do not realize is both sides justify the use of violence all of which lays the foundation for the up coming race wars in selected cities and a slaughter if the left march certain rural arenas. Protection will come too late by design and the guilty shielded and hidden. All is not what it seems.

   Your corporations resign White House panels in protest, yet do they hire equally? Google how many blacks work for you on the professional level or even get an internship? This is common place in America where it is just words and no actions. They speak of gay rights, but not their daughters or sons are to be married to the same sex without the quiet shame. This is real hidden behind the quiet guilt.

   This nation killed tens of millions of Native Americans who are marching for them and they are still on reservations, hypocrites. Do you not think there are paid protestors on both sides there to incite violence so Marshall Law can be put in place when the disasters increase so minority populations cannot escape the cities? This is the Truth.

   I repeat few blacks care about civil war history statues. No one cared about the losers, white supremacists as they are in the few without a voice until you the media promoted them in order to tear down Trump by constant association. All of you are so quick to condemn the actions of others, but your laws created the tax loop holes and stock market bubbles for the rich and this did not change under Clinton, the Bushes or Obama. In fact the gap between rich and poor has widened and the fringe middle class in some cases joining the poor. Now your own are out of control and this will not be dialed back. Fearful of Trump, you should be. Your arranged nuclear war with agreed targets negotiated with the new world order, Hillary, many senators like McCain and many others yet to be named is off the table with Trump. Attack us, all of you will die. This why Trump is dangerous for all there will be no winners including the elite. They want Trump out before the truth on Niribu is known. Your government promoted division to where a race war in selected cities will ignite by design and not one of you are stopping this. They hope by time you figure out the truth most of you will be dead.

   So now I am sending a new message, which you shall heed. Some of you will be removed young and old, woman or man until this designed division stops. It is your choice, listen to your bosses or listen to God.

   The storm now scouring your Gulf Coast is unusual in that it is slow moving and doubling back. For the astute you know change is here, for the general public they see it as just another very bad storm. This will escalate just like the polarization and violence now here in the United States as the time is close. Heed these warnings with ramp ups in late October, again in late Dec. and then a new phase starting in late Feb. 2018 before the quakes come and the second sun is visible in the skies and they will still lie, by then it will be too late.


Update 8/29 1am


   Many have asked, why would God destroy the city of San Francisco? Yes the Father wants you to love another, but there are rules. Even if your love is pure can you love another outside of your marriage? His Law was clear as all love comes from Him and it will not be tainted with the love between two or more of the same. This was written and you as humans choose to listen to another under the guise of humanism. With this, you have chosen the next city to be destroyed by your actions. San Francisco has promoted same sex and this is why it has been chosen to send a message. Many may die, but their souls saved. This is the goal of the Almighty and I as the Deliverer will carry out His wishes. The date and time will not be known, but the message to change will be clear.


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