Planetary Movement

What to expect at the 42 month midpoint Aug 22



Written Jun 25


   Lets concentrate on the affects facing earth first and then explain the technical aspects of the behavior of magnetrons in an atom and finally as it relates to a mass, which is a microcosm to how this occurs on a planetary scale.

   With the earth at a point where there is almost no give in a 360 degree spherical direction in its orbital retreat as the retreat is now halted by pressure at its rear. When hit with a magnetic stream of the 12th and readjusting to the norm that governs the solar system, what will this mean to the inhabitants on earth? For those of the few who receives information from a secondary source, remember who the Primary is God Almighty, not a creation of His, an alien. Never worship a false idol for any reason as some of you do.

   Shortly as late August approaches the flow of magnetic particles will switch from neutral intake at the south to expulsion at the north pole of earth to a primary ejection of magnetic sub atomic particles at the north pole. The process is in itself unknown to the general scientific field as none has an understanding on a planetary scale, but base theories on lab experiments where magnetic field dynamics are somewhat of a constant. With the 12th now outbound on a direct line towards earth has met a solid resistant from the back drop of a combined planetary repulsion force. Pressure from all sides assaults the earth and a strongly charged magnetic stream emanates from its north pole as the 12th is presently above the ecliptic and its south pole is tipped and attracted to the sunís north.

   The continental plates will now be on move on earth to where all will notice. The quakes will be different in the fact what was local will now involve countries and the US, states. Now coupled with the fact as all on earth will shortly see in the skies, Niribu is now above the ecliptic of the solar system intermittently visible to mainly the 3rd world as to not raise anxiety, but has changed as the time of the dark one is now upon you. The Sunís polarized magnetic field will increasingly be supplanted by the North Pole of the 12th planet, aka planet X or Niribu and the earth will be violently forced away from the Sun and increasingly more severe as the distance between the two planets decreases. This is not a new problem as the 12th planet has oscillated above the ecliptic before only to retreat back below.

   What has changed is earth has no give in orbital dynamics and the force of earth wobble will escalate swiftly in a few months and scientists will be shock. This is why your government is now conducting drills along the border and the southern states. This is why Wal-Mart stores now under renovation and may have a covert purpose, FEMA control centers, but some of you already know the truth. The point the subduction of the Indian sub continent under the Himalayas crushing Nepal will accelerate allowing crust displacement. First with Islands disappearing under the waves in the Pacific and then the Southern Continents that start sliding to the west inducing great earthquakes. Panama and Costa Rica will crumble and the Caribbean plate with a loss of connectivity with the South American plate will submerge along its southern edge.

   Many will think the northern part of the Caribbean plate would in response tip up, but this is not the case. The Caribbean plate will be stretched creating a void accelerating sinking overall. Thousands of boats will assault the US gulf coast to preserve life at any cost. With southern states running deficits state agencies will be over run and this will be a distraction for the candidates from Texas, Louisiana and Florida as they will need the help of the Federal Government. If you do not provide help for those in this nation as Obama sits on the truth, your future actions to allow the status quo to continue will appear to let the Democrats to keep the White House. This will back fire with the increase of domestic violence and earth changes, as he will be seen as a liar along with both Bush and Clinton as they also knew for decades. 90% percent of human life will be extinguished during the next 4 years, but you canít handle the truth.

   Along the eastern seaboard there will be a significant increase in tidal sloshing, freak high tides and unexpected tidal waves rolling into the NY- NJ coastline as waves are pushed towards the Hudson canyon and then converges. What will be odd is the sinking of the land only noticeable by poor drainage with little rain. Then added electrical surges in homes unexplained as appliances burn out. The Utilities already warned are playing hard ball for the shareholders and have picked the wrong side, so be it as the fight will now be taken your homes.

   You were told storms would impact your infrastructure and the utilities were warned not to take advantage of labor, but some of you have offered a tepid contract. You know who you are. 2 percent means nothing to inflation as you dropped the COLA. Why donít you offer 2% in your dividend to investors and see how fast they drop your stock. You have a disconnected management system to where those who agree are promoted. The best ideas are never seen, due to a threat that would shake those who are impotent at the top. The numbers state one thing, but the truth through word of mouth and web over shadows your corporate smoke and mirrors. Keep the best, educate the rest if they fail remove them. If the corporation fails all are out of a job including most of you at the top. Again there are choices a well managed company where all move forward as one, cost cutting on the backs of labor for the miscues of management or greed. You choose.

   The pension option is fine, and health care needs to be spread to the retirees and not the present work force. The work force is hired upon your option, if you forecast wrong, fire those who over hired or donít hire at all. Families just cannot be uprooted according to trends forecasted today, but wrong tomorrow. They are depending upon stability, does that still means something in a corporate name. This is why they are on board, respect that or has this changed?

   The storms will now be taken to a new level, if your decisions do not change by the end of August and there are strikes, your decision will be made for you. This is your choice. As the Almighty has given power to his prophets bring down any disaster or plague in any quantity to change this world in His name. All of you know the end game, how you arrive is up to you.

    The new level of wobble on earth will force cold and warm fronts over each other and as high altitude cold air drops over a warm front and is condensed by air pressure rotation ensues in multiple locations. This will unleash tornadoes spawning several within the local area stunning scientists. The mixing of the air masses will spawn super lightning storms in conjunction with the increased shared magnetic field with the 12th planet. Along the East coast of the US will experience unprecedented power surges. An ionosphere in turmoil will cripple wireless communication, welcome back good old wire line service. Those with fiber optics to the premises will less likely to have an induced current surge that would travel through copper conductors or coax, creating a fire hazard.

   As the Atlantic expands something has to equalize as the Pacific retreats back to total area before the impact of our Moon expanding its basin. This compression will bring a new surprise as the cold Pacific current will be forced into what is left of the warm Caribbean Sea as the land bridge of Central America to North America crumbles. The storms will rage and assault the US Gulf coast and move up the East Coast and Mid West. Texas will beg the government for help as thoughts of seceding evaporate along with their options.

   Immigration a problem at first as the South and Central American elite move with their inside knowledge, but land travel through Mexico with few roads left intact due to the constant quakes, little water and opportunists will allow only the few (wealthy) to make it. When the gravy train ends those who have taken all will flee north with their spoils only to be eliminated by US Special Forces under the cover of darkness. Boat traffic in the constant storms will be almost certain death as thousands who have tried as they wash up on shore.

   With the earth wobble some will see the Sun set then pop up back over the horizon then set again. Venus and the blue star will be intermittently visible in the heavens to where all are in awe. Spirals will appear as signs in the sky. Fireballs will scream across the horizon away from the Sun then explode or worse. All who are local will know something is astray, but will wonder why the nation does not know in most instances. So what will be a sign that the end times are here? When all see the double suns in the sky, know that a comet is coming towards earth and it is time to be prepared. You will need 10 days water and supplies, seal the residence from outside air and sub zero clothing. Pour antifreeze into all water pipes and toilets to prevent pipe breaks. Impact will be in the Atlantic off the southern coast of the US. It is here that you whom have been groomed over the last years will know I have told you the Truth. It is time to save the world.

   By a miracle of God the comet will explode just above the surface of the ocean and every mountain and place shall be moved. The sky will part like two scrolls rolling up. A deep red light will penetrate all areas of this earth and burn all but the purest on earth. There will be 15 minutes of silence and I will say no more. All will see the cross in the sky when they emerge. Reflect on what you will be shown and then consider following us.

   You ask; why would God allow a comet to extinguish millions of lives on earth when He said the earth would not be destroyed. It isnít, it is being cleansed. There is an indifference to human life both in the womb and with the races. Religion is used to kill millions in His name when this is against the Almightyís Commandments. You are not serving Him as you have been told there are many roads to the Father, not one. You have been fooled by another. Death does not come from the Father, but has affected His children through the dark one. Remember the goal is to save souls by any means necessary, which means that many of the good, will be taken with the bad. The Good shall live on and that which is cleansed, the bad will be removed or destroyed. He has a plan that is beyond human comprehension. This is where faith guides you as you were warned of these times.

   You slapped Fatherís face by allowing the union of two of the same as a right. You have no rights when it comes to the Laws of God. Marriage is a Sacrament of God. Yes He loves you the sinner who loves the same, but do not expect a blessing on an abominable union, which He considers a sin. Yes you have the right to love who you want, but this union is not allowed to influence children of a lifestyle for any reason. For this, America will suffer greater earth changes and you will know the hand of God. The churches that seal a same sex union in the name God will be destroyed, know this. Curse Him and Fatherís wrath will consume all that you hold dear for He is the author of life. Many of you who lead this government and the shadow side say you have no fear, but you will fear God. None of you are prepared for what is to come and as the tears roll down your faces. Know this; you had a choice.

   Shortly the leaders of this world will betray all nations and hand power over to the one. Fear him as he will destroy billions as the leader of Babylon, the EU. Evil has the power to heal mortal wounds and so the world shall see. Christ will never walk this unpurified earth again, so donít drink the kool-aid as a metaphor. The population of the common man will tired of war, most will see the healing as a divine sign and many will follow including Ĺ of the sacred servants. It is your job in the media through word of mouth to tell the Truth. Sell out to the new world order not only will you lose your life as being lukewarm as populations who do not conform are eliminated, but also your soul.


Limited Technical Aspects on Magnetic Fields  


   The theory on how a magnetic field flows and is created is a mystery to the scientists on earth and is the final piece of the puzzle pertaining to the Unified Field Theory. You ask; how can gravity, the repulsion force, a magnetic field, the nuclear force, vibrational frequency all be a unified field? Because all are particles and all share the core of every atom to some degree and intensity. The field that is in proximity of an atom all have all five primary features that affect the atom, thus the term unified field, which Einstein failed to solve, but was so close.

   In the universe, the stellar or planetary core for most objects that create a magnetic field shift through phases. As opposed to on earth, magnets created are relatively stable in the magnetic fields they project as an organized particle stream as the polarized sub atomic particles bind and are ejected in spurts. The field dynamics of lines of force are subatomic particle streams ejected from the North Pole separated and projected by the cumulative repulsive charge of the like force.

   What your world calls a flow of electrons is a complex set of polarized sub atomic particles that link. Does the copper in the magnetic fields of a generator become an isotope with the loss of electrons? No. The copper line is only a conduit; this is where your science needs to learn. Look to your atmosphere is not an insulator? Through turbulence the subatomic particles related to magnetism link into a set of three two particles related to the North Pole and the center related to the south. The cumulative charge builds looking for equalization. Air the insulator is overwhelmed by the charge and becomes a conductor thus the lightning.

   Magnetic subatomic particles link in the core of a nucleus and the efficiency of the linkage seems to be optimized in the element of iron. Inside the core there is turbulence in 3 phases neutral, an expulsion that favors the North Pole and a draft which favors intake at the South Pole as the driving force creating the magnetic field.

   For simplicity, we will look at the neutral phase to where the draft of sub atomic particles related to magnetism entering the South and ejection from the North are somewhat balanced. The subatomic particles are in the turmoil within the core of atom picks up a charge due to motion and crowding. These charged particles are pushed away from the neutral migrating towards what would be the north pole on a nucleus. The polarize subatomic particles link charged, neutral, charged and the like charge builds in a cumulative fashion those on the edge of the nucleus, then being ejected due to the like magnetic related repulsive force, not to be confused with the repulsion force of gravity. They spurt then there is a slight pause and the spurt continues. The density of the spurt and ejection along weak points at which they occur is dependent upon the charged area and density A draft is created by a shift of subatomic particles migrating toward the neutral zone and beyond due to expulsion. At the south pole a temporary void attracts the charged particle escaping from pressure and the cumulative charge at the north pole and loops around the atom taking the path of least resistant and reenters the south pole. This format gives you the basics on a micro level, so what changes with a planetary or stellar mass on a macro level?

   When we examine a stellar core, new factors that affect the dynamics of a magnetic come into play. The core has variables compression due to mass, available hydrogen within the zone where fusion can occur, viscosity of the iron core to allow field and charge organization. Temperature, core rotation not surface and the shunting elements within the core preventing a nova are basically constants. As a mass the time differential increases between expulsion at the north pole to where a void is created at the south pole to when this equalizes a state of neutrality occurs and the charge builds again at the north pole and the cycle repeats varies based on the above variables and total mass of the core related to creating magnetism. For earth this subatomic particle flow within the sun will switch to a north pole ejection this August, the earth in alignment will follow with no cushion of orbital retreat. This is the prophesized year of the 4 Blood moons and the changes predicted in Revelations will unfold before your disbelieving eyes. Tectonic plate movement will move tepid at first, but quickly accelerate to levels not seen by man on this earth. Your world will never be the same again


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