Current Plans for WW3

Modified by a Hillary Lost





Written Dec. 4 3am EST


   The world is on edge and some established leaders that had an agreement with the new world order have been removed from power in countries within the EU like here in this nation. The original plan was to have war initiate in Syria spurred by an emergent nuclear Iran only to escalate and Israel under a threat arranged, launch. The Russians holding firm, but rogue strikes outside of US control will tip the balance. The goal of the new world order is morph a world population reduction by 90% first achieved by war taking out billions and then let nature take out the rest as peace is offered. Once in power the new world order will cleanse the earth of undesirables. The Nazi death camps will look like a boy scout camp. This has been written.

   Hillary who pledged to the dark one, agreed to limited strikes on American cities as the new world order controls her, many members of your government, China, Russia, Germany and NATO. These cities like San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia to name a few are still in play. Their plan is to eliminate the gays, the Blacks, the Cubans & Latinos and then annihilate the cradle of nation. All citizens of this nation when faced with the horrors of war for the first time would agree to peace under one rather than continue a war under their president and military where all think they will die. This is the current plan.

   With martial law in place in the aftermath of destruction, the ability to move is limited to the rich and those who have family and a place to go outside of the east and west coast cities flooded by tides. Lack of water, food, sanitation and basic hospital care would eliminate the elderly and children. Break out zones in place to control minorities and face an armed populace well armed with weapons that the few pistols and limited ammo will fail to go far. You will be slaughtered in self defense. Hillary expected you to die and you voted for her. Will Blacks ever realize politicians deliver little for your vote? This is your lesson. This future has been altered as any attack on the Trump Administration under the direction of Mad Dog will crush for a second time Russia & Chinaís population centers with a response months after what seem to be a false truce. This is a promise. No supply lines; no food; no future for the ragtag 200 million, a force of mostly children destined to conquer the Middle East, EU and our West Coast.

   The women abandoned to fend for themselves leading to anarchy within the inner cities that will never be reported. This was your future, but now has been averted by a delay. You can thank Mary the Mother of God who pushed to save your asses with the Almighty. Without prayer again this will change shortly as sin tips the scales. Remember WW3 only comes shortly after this world rejects the Warning first. Heed this warning as events can change.

   You ask about belief? Almost all of what you have read here over the last 2 years is now the Truth, without exception. Your media lies, your president has no direction, and you have had enough. Not one of believed when you were told Trump could win here. Refer back to the archived Political Snap Shots under State of the Union. Now you as losers offer opinions? Not one of you know what is coming as you have been fed lies. The Wrath of God is knocking on the door of mankind and shortly nothing will be the same.

   Little is being said about the intimidation of those who vote in the Electoral College. You have been lied to about protection of the voter process. New Hampshire was within a few thousand votes, but with Hillary in front has not been challenged with a recount. Why if you state Stein, it is not about the candidate. You are a liar and a proxy for Hillary, hoping beyond all to change the election. Just know the fate of your soul has been sealed, unless you come publicly clean as your choices have tainted millions you are doomed.

   Now there is a message for Trump. The White House on lecturing you on Climate Change and Taiwan is the status quo, pay them no mind and move on. The world will face turmoil when Niribu appears in our skies and the same scientists appealing to you shall be ignored. They are new world order proxies. Names the world will trust were put in place as to shape the minds of the common man. You know them as Hawking, Kaku and Tyson and other names put in place a decade ago who had shows with little truth in their answers to the mysteries of this universe. Their theories are false like Lazar (gravity) and even with the knowledge of what is coming not one has modified their science, true arrogance that will destroy them when the truth is known.

   Secretary of State should be a surprise to the world, you know who the Almighty wants as this has not changed, I donít care if you have to swallow your ego, just do it. You have never been led wrong here, and it is the Almighty, not your human friends and family that has put you in this place. You are making headway as new world order Kissinger was sent to China to assure they can control you. This is a lie to the Chinese to keep them in place. As with Hillary cracks will expand in the wall the the elite uses to control this earth. Stay on message and never betray the Almighty. Betray Him and the world as you know it shall fall along with you. Remember this, as anything given can be taken away.

   You ask, how will we detect subs hidden by the depths of the ocean when war becomes reality? Use a more massive neutrino to pass through the ocean waters as this will reveal hidden sub that can be taken out just prior to launch along our coast lines. Neutrinos pass through matter as they are a sub atomic particle that does not interact with a mass. It is about a coupling of neutrinos to allow the same penetration, but allow a path to detect the pass through of a mass by a slight deviation of path with an alternating true neutrino reference path. The differential is the key. This is your lesson, get to work.

   You ask, again how do we isolate heavy neutrino particles. You have trace patterns on record from your cyclotrons. Start here, as you will be guided to a solution. Isolate your research from corporations and politicians as moles are in place, but most will reveal themselves if you set traps. The Almighty states kill them all as in the Bible, traitors when caught as there souls are sealed. Any information if lost to the dark side will be too little, too late.


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