As the Democratic Platform Evolves



Written Feb. 26 1:15am EST

   The time has come to separate truth, from fiction. The candidates talk of change, so lets address healthcare for all. Do we need to remind America, the decades it took to change and when given the chance, it failed. Tax the rich, is a pipe dream as they will find loop holes, which were in place for decades by both parties, which you backed by your inaction over time.

   Bernie, so how do you plan on cutting the salaries of doctors, administrative hospital costs as you allow illegals to continue to flow in costing the Middle Class billions as a moral value. What is idiotic is that given the chance and funding 50 million would be at our borders seeking sanctuary. Just who is going to pay for your mistake, oh yes, the Middle Class. Polls state this how America thinks, They lie.

   But Bernie, you speak about the 15 dollar minimum wage for the American worker and are so proud as you move up the poor. Why do you lie to the people? It is not about the raise as business will just raise their prices to compensate in lock step and increase their percentage. Where you have failed the people, is in raising their disposable income. What you have done has allowed this to erode, but you wonít speak on this. Look back, at the definition of a slave where he or she gives up 50 percent of their income. We are financial slaves, but America does not realize this. America, where do you stand? Oh, I know, you must save the world. You wonít. There will be no 2020 election and again you know this, so you continue to lie. I will give you an opportunity to come clean, and the point just lead a life dedicated to God. When enough leave the political parties, then you may change America. Some will get the message.

   The Venezuelan people embraced socialism with greatest oil reserves in the Americas. The leaders squander their peopleís money with little talent to administrate combined with greed. Socialism is communism and now, you have after being warned, a bar tender is running the key objectives of your party. Good luck with her. Do you really think she is going to roll over for old rich women and men in politics? I am still wondering, as no one is that stupid. I know you have not told her. Lets' see how she continues to spin climate change.

   You still project Trump as abandoning our allies. This is a lie. They are freeloading, pretend to be friends, and what is so sad, you know this. You have had all that friend that never contributes to the bill, this is the same. You in the EU do not have an armies, and you do not have money, that you are willing to spend to support NATO. We can protect ourselves without the baggage of the EU. The Germanís conquered Europe and you ran like cowards at Dunkirk to fight another day. D-Day would have not been successful without America money and supplies. This is a fact. If you think the British Empire can stop the rules of the EU and think America will sacrifice our own to save your sorry asses, when you will not fight on your own. Your Bank of England through its proxy banks financed both sides of World War 1 and 2. This is the truth. If evil give more resources to the underdog during a depression, then let nations spend to protect the world. They win, AND ALL OWE THE BANKS. You are idiots.

   The US deficit is a combination of the trade imbalance and a budget without sufficient funds to fund expenditures. So trading partners do not pay there bills, and this has continued until now over decades since WW2. In your warped Democratic minds under crushing debt to this nation, you want this to continue. I say let them go. If Russia crosses in to Poland, your wallets will be open. If you cannot pay down the debt, then do not present to America a plan this nation cannot afford. It is one thing to improve the quality of life for all, it is another to hold us hostage to debt we cannot afford. This is the deceit of your nation.

   The Democratic Party and the media, has given hate groups their own platform. I ask why? Your constant media attention, allowed the creepiest that comes from the bowls of their hell. This is on you. With no coverage, when none was needed, again was your mistake  as you inflamed America. Really you thought racism was a thing of the past? Yes, Trump should have commented on only a few. The smart objective is no comment as not to further increase the hate, but you know this. The crimes committed, are owned by those, who created them. Are you all lined up to put Smollett in his place? What about the trans who burned down their house to point a finger bat another? So wise. Just know, I will allow you, to make a decision that you are so sure, and then reverse it back on you. Welcome to the big leagues, Democrats and some Republicans.

   All Democrats are looking forward to the release of the Mueller investigation. What has to be realized is that the media, already has prepared their back door exit staring with NBC, as stating we hope it is wrong. They were tipped. Manafort has been corrupt and the interactions with Ukraine happen under the Podestas. The release of the Mueller investigation will be pushed by Trump, as most turncoats in his administration, have been removed or prosecuted. What the public will see, is how Mueller favored the Podestas by granting immunity, the Democratic Party and Hillary. This will be the bombshell, that at this point may never be revealed. The Democrats are on record to release, all may reverse.


Update Feb. 27 12:15am EST


   The Democrats have made their decisions, first by a vote against the emergency declaration to construct the wall. Then to their soon demise in the eyes of God, blocked the born alive bill. So if a baby survives abortion, now an individual an American, as they are living outside of the womb of the mother, and no longer a threat to her safety. The doctor or mother, now have the right to terminate its new life.

   Father has destroyed this world for homosexuality in the time of Noah, and you think in all your wisdom, He will allow you to carry out a doctrine of satan, that terminates a new life? You are on your own. As you do not listen. The Almighty has given me the power to raise this civilization to the ground in His name. Again, ask for mercy when facing death, and pray to Jesus for Forgiveness, as I have none.

   My job is to save souls, and only when you face death, do you call out. Maybe just some of you, should call out when the signs increase. Just a hint.

   Oh, I have been waiting for this a long time. Jorge Ramos, you have trashed everything about the sovereignty of this nation. You take the rights of our nation for granted, and think in your arrogance, it will work in a socialist nation. They would have killed you, had you not been so high profile. I hope you prayed as Father will not tell me, your thoughts. Try it again, the worms and maggots wonít find your body. This nation is not here to save the world before itís citizens. This is where your mind is warped.

   Cohen is deceptive, as he was not Trumpís top lawyer. Conversations were taped without Trumpís knowledge, as he had an exit plan long before today. Cohen was charged with tax evasion, and took the jobs no other lawyers would take. Did he payoff the girls, yes, but with his money not campaign funds. This was key, and even if directed by Trump, again it was legal. They signed contracts for financial gain, thus the timing. Was it ethical, no. Does he have a bombshell, no, too little to late, but you are led to believe this. I will leave it there.

   Cohen has no insight into the political arena, as he was compartmentalized, and information was on a need to know, and he did not need to know. The political spectacle now taking place, is by design.

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