Polarization in The US Political Parties is Dividing America



Written Apr. 24 10:59 pm EST


   As America faces great challenges both here and aboard, no one political party has all the answers. Look at your streets, Republicans were quiet on Black racism and white power groups came out edged on by the media. Democrats have completely loss control of the college campuses and the young vote, as hate crimes against the Jewish occur under the guise of peaceful protests. The politicians do have a common trait, most on both side of the isle say nothing about the humanitarian abuses in Gaza and now the West Bank. All are quiet or offer superficial statements and do nothing about the hate crime abuse of Jewish students by pro Hamas supporters roaming our campuses. Yes, words and no actions. Your politicians would rather avoid the topic for a vote like the cowards they are, than stand up for what is right.

   If a true poll was taken in America of the voter about pressing issues, what trends would it show? The Leahy bill would be enforced. Israel would have to flush Hamas out the hard way instead of leveling cities. Aid to Ukraine would stop and the lie of regional stability at risk. You were told the same thing for Afghanistan, how did that work out? NATO will step in if expansion occurs. Students spewing hate expelled. The protesters do not have a clue, if they were touring Israel with their pro Palestine views, they would have been killed and raped just like the others on Mar. 7th.

   The American political 2 party system was put in place to give the voter a choice, as both parties think they are absolutely right. Choice is Democracy, not the rhetoric if the other party is voted in it is the end. Who promotes that? Street crime is self inflicted, as you saw the release and a second chance for criminals as a path to rehabilitation. Reality, the criminals see this policy as opportunity put in place by fools. Education is dumb down, because some parents take no responsibility for their children, who could not pass standardize regents tests, now eliminated. The reality inner city kids are left with an sub standard education, that goes nowhere and the so called graduates can not even count change if the register was broken or read a clock with hands. Jobs, they go to the illegals crossing the border, they are cheaper to pay and do not complain. This is the current trend in America.

   The soul of our nation is to care for others fleeing poverty, that was true in 1890, but now how does that work, as few go to the farms. Some politicians are stuck in the past. Reality the cities are over burdened, rents sky rocketing, as demand outpaces supply. Low level entry jobs declining and $20 base minimum pay for unskilled labor. In place are H-1 visas needed for skilled labor under mining US college graduates with the same majors needed in the tech arena. What will the union labor force demand, as inflation continues unabated? Oh inflation is 3.5%. No it isnít, it is 5.8 on top 8.3 on top of 3.2 and now 3.5 compounded, that is your inflation.

   We hear racism has no place in America and support for DEI and BLM support rises rapidly. Reality, promotion of unqualified personal based on race not working. Those of color with real talent are passed over, as they are seen as a threat to those in charge. BLM organizations were given over 100 millions and the leaders either stole a portion of it or spent it on mansions for personal use. Now corporations have dissolved the programs. Great job. Racism is taught parent to children and until that ends, it will always be here, but hides.

   Leadership in this nation proves unworthy, as University and College presidents cower to the demands of students on an international event out of control for the present leaders of the nation and you expect a change in university policy, which will change the narrative in the Middle East. How would that work? Many saw a small group activists change the narrative to defund police after Floyd. That went so well, as you reversed position 2 years later. Politicians stated we have room for more in America, as tens of millions crossed the border, that went well. Now cities are facing financial collapse. You stated inflation is transitory and after the glitch, all will return to normal. That went well. As the elderly now have to choose between food on the table or medicine.

   The universities can divest from the military complex and Israeli companies at a loss and your politicians will pick up the same stock at bargain prices with their inside knowledge. The student demand is worthless. The Israelis suffered over a thousand deaths, countless rapes, hostages missing who are for the most part, are dead. They do not care about your demands, as the present Administration can not handle them, and as I see it with a laugh, you think you can change this with your protests. Have you thought this through? The war in Gaza is not a war engage with or started by America. Oh the land from the river to the sea and free Palestine, take it up with the EU and UK who exiled the Jews to Palestine with no compensation to the people of Palestine.

   On the back end ask what happen to the property of millions of Jews in Europe, which were exiled? What happen to the Palestine property in now called Israel? Ask Blinken on a viable two state solution for the people of Palestine, he will lie. The world can not give back, what has already been taken. Palestine a British colony is now Israel and has been since the late 40s and this will never change. This your reality, which will not change, find another way. Protesters say, we will bring Israel to its knees with what army? No, Israel will change the world ending in WW3, then all lose. Be careful what you wish for. Compensation for Palestinians and then migrate to other Arab countries.

   What would a strong president at Columbia do? Limit the protests to a certain restricted area and time, as to not interfere with student learning. Everybody has a right an opinion, but that opinion can not forced upon another by intimidation or from peer pressure. Professors have no right to politically protest at the establishment they work or they are fired. Hate speech is not tolerated for any reason. Those students caught are given a review, if guilty expelled. The universities have the right to ask for local police, as the crowds are beyond the university police force to handle. This is common sense, but as the nation sees, cowards are in power. As these protests expand to other campuses, as most students get caught up in a trend, this will influence the next election. Shifting it up to 5%, beware.

   When a politician here in America is elected, they bring the needs and vision of the voters who sent him or her to the federal, state or local government. Some how our duel political system, has shifted away from this principle. Again lets stress, no one party has all the answers and this allegiance to party leaders is out of control. Your job as a politician representative no matter your title, is to vote for what is right and if it aligns with your leaders, great.

   If there is a recession for any reason, the common citizen loses their apartment or worse their home, but your leaders will budget $600 a night to house illegals in their donors hotels. You help those here at home first, before you help others. Please explain why this is not your policy, but you will not in an election year.

   We need our politicians to put the voter needs first, then help others. We need Ukraine to present a battle plan, which will result in a victory, not an endless war, that drains valuable resources from those in need in this nation. Key Senators Cruz, Rubio and surprisingly Sanders voted against aid, do they know something? If Ukraine went to a bank with their present war plan, the loan would be rejected, but in our leaders minds we give away free money from the US tax payer with no strategy. So Sec. Austin, this is the choice. Clearly Blinken who is running the show with strings attached, is side stepping. Stop the money the Russians win. Give 100s of billions over years with attrition of the fighting army and the Russians win. Why is this said, because the Chinese will support the Russians with what ever money and materials to defeat Ukraine needed. US million dollar missiles to take out Russian thousand dollar drones, you do the math over time. Which is it that you want? The truth when presented is reality and hard. So will be the world optics when a decision is made.

   Political systems in the free world are morphing, is ours due to polarization morphing in the wrong direction? Think about it and then act.


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