Policing in the USA

The Growing Divide between those who are Black is the focus and their Protectors the Police



Written June 10, 2015

Updated June 17


   All of you have been told of the coming race wars, but few are listening. Now some of you asked for more insight. Events in Texas have only escalated events now facing America. First with those casting racial slurs to invited guests and others at a family party and second those who use social media to invite those outside of the guest list. Disrespect was carried out by both sides and a simple party now becomes an international event of shame.

   We all know of the police abuse, but this was different. The video shows many sitting on the lawn compliant with the request of the officers and others enraged when the girl was man handled. This was a key factor with respect for the law at an all time low as this is what is taught in the streets and is spiraling down hill. Events could have gone terribly wrong as the video showed two lunging at the officer and back off when the gun was drawn. So close, as they could have gone for the weapon had this been a tense encounter. But it was a pool party. The police are trained to stop anyone coming into personal space with deadly force because you do not know intent. In a hostile environment not one of you would allow an opportunity for any one to take you or your weapon out. This is the Truth.

    We saw other officers speaking calmly to the crowd as they saw just a pool party with too many kids, but little focus to the women that started events with racial slurs thus inciting a riot. Was the event over crowded due to social media, yes? This was the responsibility of the parents to supervise the event, which was a shared public space for the residents of the community. Climbing over fences to gain entrance to a pool party, yes as teenagers most of us would have done this especially if the action looked great. Again where was the supervision? The police just should have closed and cleared the pool issued warnings to the 2 for inciting; then to the family for over crowding of the pool by non residents and everyone eventually would have gone home. Parents, you know your children use social media and you are responsible for all guests and their actions in a community setting. There are rules, if not, invite all to a family residence or paid location. There was no excuse for what happened in Texas as shame befalls this nation from all parties.

   Now all can see the officer in question went into another mode beyond what was necessary to control events and his fellow officers controlled him by having him replace his weapon in the holster. No one was killed or hurt, but egos. There is no excuse for what the officer did, it was over the top, but this is not worth a lost of a public servantís job. He apologized and is hurting for he truly thought he was protecting the public as he went into movie mode. The events had the charge by the two on the video been in hate and the weapon grabbed would have been tragic, then what? We need to step back and look at the long term picture instead of letting short term events dictate the path others would like the Black race take (herded).

   The Black community needs our police, but the police need to evaluate the true threat of the situation. It is a two way healing process or all lose. This was a mistake made that was fueled by taunts that would anger anyone if heard and constant confrontation that got out of hand. The officer in question with additional training town meetings should be reinstated if he agrees, for he will be the Black community greatest advocate for new rules once or if given a second chance by member of the Community that he offended, step up to improve the human experience. I ask; where are the pastors that give guidance? Why are you absent when in controversy you are needed to take a stand? You preach sometimes so elegantly from the pulpit, but so few of your words +change what is in your community. Why is that after 150 years? You ask; then with all your words, why don't you come to this community and change things. Great question, I change events to affect the world, your task is to deliver actions instead of words on a mission you chose. Can you do this? If not, is it now up to the lay people to spearhead healing in the community?

   Jesus forgives; I say forgive him and letís move on, because this nation needs to heal. It is the right thing to do. Never fuel hate. Never judge all by the actions of one. Never let the viral group mentality cloud the truth. The alternative is a growing hate for each other until the police will look the other way. This is now happening in Baltimore. The criminals will have free reign and not one officer will risk their life to save you or certain communities. This is your choice as you cannot have it both ways, curse them and then ask for protection. Look past your pastors and ask God directly to bring you wisdom as little by your leaders is there to guide you




   I ask again, is anybody listening? We now have a family who had a member allegedly break a rule that leads to expulsion in a public water environment. The family wanted their money back when ejected. Rules are posted for the safety of all, if another broke the rules and injured your child, you would sue. When ejected by your actions, you do not get a refund. Did you read the post at the entrance stating the rules? This is a fact in all places that involves the public. When an officer of the law that represents the safety of all, compliance with orders that benefit all needs to be heeded. You are not a judge or have knowledge of your rights. Is so, then the family member who broke the rules would have been dealt with by you before others did. Attitude leads to jail as this is not a reality show. The moment you attack a public servant for any reason it disrespects the law. This is not up to review. If you are wrong, walk away. This is the solution. You hired a lawyer and their will be no gold at the end of this tarnished rainbow. Preachers, where are you for guidance?


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