The Political Messenger



Written Oct. 2 6pm EST


   The world is polarizing as this was scripted in the Bible. There is no middle ground as you in the media continue to promote. There is only right and wrong. This is the bottom line. Now letís address Hillary and the Donald.

   All of you are children of God and have been guided since your ancestors have been banished to this retched planet. I repeat again, because your future is at stake. You need to look past the messenger and concentrate on what is important to the future of this nation. How Hillary perceives the treatment of woman by a man in the past outside of politics until announcing a run for the White House. Did not you and your husband ruin the lives of many women hoping to advance or take your place?  Did you not use your power once in government to crush White Water, the drug runs landing in Arkansas, or how you screwed the interns at will as your wife obsessed with power turn a blind eye? What about her intern is so quiet now, as to calm the rumors? There are rumors of murder as one who may talk met a questionable demise.

   Tax returns are a joke, as Trump as a businessman to make money and used the tax loopholes to gain. This was his job. Did Hillary bring a net positive on her trade deals? No, it leads to billions on the deficit and you call this a good deal? The problem is that when you break from the dictates of the elite, you are demonized for taking advantage of your laws. Did you change them? No! Why because the elite would lose trillions, but you single out. No one in their right mind will give money to the government only to be wasted. This is her problem by using the tax laws that she did not have the balls to change due the losses her contributors would incur, but paint Trump as a user. She talks about calling women fat as if this is an election issue when you are losing jobs and security in this nation wanes and many Americans lose their lives in Boston and San Bernardino.

   It is time for this nation to focus on real problems, not the side paths directed by the elite, who controls the media and polls. I ask you America? Your gut states you are being lied too. This is true, but I have said it is a mixture of truth and lies, all to cause doubt.

   Trump is loose and has said many comments that degrade particular women, not all, so have your husbands and many men. This is the Truth and now it is an issue brought to the fore front by a political dinosaur. Trump has used the tax system to provide the best opportunity for his corporation to survive and you say he should have let it fold to pay taxes that your own supporters wonít do. You are such a liar.

   Hillary has taken advantage of the Latin and Black communities for far too long. You know they have limited knowledge and the few that listen to the media are easily swayed. This will end. The Almighty will awaken them to your deceit and the goal of the new world order.  There are taxes and there is the creation of ISIS. There is miss piggy and then there are the private servers and classified emails even though the FBI said she was wrong and she twists it as no charges brought forth as it is OK, but is not. The foundation allegedly provides access to the State Department and you concentrate on a fine dismissed for a flag pole height to a charity. Is this for real?

   I told you Hillary had an ear implant and photographic shots showed the receiver and antenna that ran up her spine beneath her dress. That was no heat patch. She cheats and I ask you, why does the elite, not want him? Why would the Republican elite turn on what is one of their own? Why is the elite controlled media focused on sound bite rather than the issues? Some of you are presenting the truth to America many more are not.

   I am telling you the media and the elite, you will take losses and this is on you. When your family suffers in what you call natural disasters when you know better, their demise is on you. God is in control, not your false doctrine and beliefs. Change or be changed.


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