The Political Party Advantage



Written Feb. 19



In theses United States we have two parties looking for an advantage, where the focus is not for the general welfare of this country, but now blatantly to grasp of power to lead the minions as they see fit to mold. All of you were elected to serve this nation and all of the people in this nation, let repeat “all”. Politics has increasingly moved into a grey area in this nation of what is supposed to be the land of the free and brave. Where an “agenda” and the will of the people seem to be confused with special interests, but in the end primarily favor the money trail. It is played up in the media as spending out of control, burdens placed on the rich and on every word Americans fall prey. It is played up as partisan. It is played up as what is wrong with this country. How does this self perpetuate? Lack of education, manipulation by words from the "respected" media, myopic focus on points that divide this nation, hate instead of the greater vision that moves all forward as one.

   All of you, at one time was an immigrant unless you are a Native American, and over time you were accepted. I ask you, the Germans, the Irish, just for a random example only, how welcome you were when first you came here? Prejudice, hate, need not apply here how quickly you forget your past status. What is sad; is that you are doing the same against others that was done against you. Are you confused, especially the Irish who are Catholic? There are no exceptions to the golden law do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Remember the status you were labeled with when you came here. Remember the prayers to Saint Patrick and our Lord that if you could be just be given a chance to those still alive to remember their parents or grandparents that fled. Remember and you were given that chance. This was the prayers of your ancestors to be accepted in a land where home only offered death for many during the famine.

   The 2 parties have an agenda on the whole as they separate this country into the haves and have nots as the elite and the corporations reap and you are tricked in to fighting each other in order to belong, fools. In America many of you are poor middle class, with arrogance and pride you still think of your selves as like the elite, just one paycheck from losing it pathetic pride that will be the downfall of this nation if change is not enacted. Who are you fooling with an average family income below 55 thousand? In Republican country, rural America where utilities lose money servicing sparsely populated areas. Roads, infrastructure, post offices, what you expect as a service of government, your rights are on the backs of urban America that is redistributed to subsidize your life. This is the Truth.  Yet you parade the poor as holding our nation back, really. If you raised the minimum wage maybe single parent would not need to work to jobs and then they could be home to teach their kids so they graduate. Do you really think a person is that lazy where crime threatens their lives, roaches run over their food, hand me downs are considered shopping, really? Before you state they want free stuff. Know that many have no choice due you your laws. Your prejudice, and the roadblocks you use to hold the nation's poor back. You talk about succession, but your small state if made a nation cannot support a standing army. What is more important is that you talk, but if attacked you expect another to die protecting your rights, cowards. China is salivating on the hope you make that choice in division. With all your power not one republican state could repel an army of millions easily arranged by the Bear and Dragon. This is your weakness in arrogance and pride. When face with defeat and it could come then what?

    The illegal immigrants were pawns, cheap labor as industry provided the brides at the border and levels of all government. The elite provided for the covert transportation to move people through a series of hidden underground highways in the west in some cases terminating at military installations, now long removed. Oh have you been fooled as you think that a common Mexican peasant could afford the transport fees and when caught, return within a year. There is a need for cheap labor for industry and domestic services by the rich. Gardeners, nannies, employees with sub standard wages in fear of being caught worked for pennies in the previous decades. The dark side was babies, a life here established by employment of the rich but off the books. In California it is the rich and some industries that bankrupted your state through services provided to dependents. When hard working Latinos, were paid off the books and a child or children are born, they needed to be educated on your state taxes. An Illegal sees this as a land of opportunity and it is worth the risk to educate a child for one day they will earn their own way in this country the right way and contribute to this nation. But in your greed you never considered the thought of others.

   This nation is about being one, united under God for liberty and justice of all. It is not about being perched on the lying words of the elite and their promises of jobs and an economy that grows from special interest perks. The stats show you who gained through crafty financial instruments that started the mortgage crisis as many lost homes, half of this nation’s 401s evaporated and you still believe the lie. Just how many times to I have to repeat this before you in the media accept a fact, although some have?

    Now many democrats and a former independent, who are no saints, as some are very corrupt. But many still have the best interest of this nation. Republicans those true to this nation, need to stand up for this nation as it is time to vote your heart and not someone’s agenda masqueraded has the choice of the party driven by special interests. You were elected to change this country, not conform to the status quo. But you say you won’t get reelected, so you sell out and that is your answer! You shame those that gave their lives to establish this nation from the British, our forefathers.

   Your country needs you. Those who elected you need to do what is right. Most of all, you need to do and deliver what you were elected to put in place. A new vision, a change that empowers the citizen of these United States or have you forgotten after that speech you received on how you can rise in the party under the guise of the new world order? It is hard enough to deal with those that hate this country overseas, but those who pretend to stand up for this nation only to gut it for the rich, you need to go. For you are now seen as a traitor to God and this country.

   I will make this promise. Every one of that puts this country second in front of special interest will be exposed for all to see and there will be consequences. It is not I you need to fear, for as dark as your soul is, I am trying to save you as a child of the Almighty, for you are my true brother or sister. We are bound by our souls from one source, despite our genetics. You need to fear God, my Father, for He is angry and not even my prayers will save your ass. The seat of Peter has fallen prepare for the worse, more important change than will transcend humanity.


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