Political Snap Shot Feb. 6 2013

Rumors of a Second Oval Office


Written Feb. 6 

   Rumors have surfaced about a second oval office as the West Wing is under construction, but a spokesman denied claims. The Truth is, it has been constructed in Colorado to provide continuity to the American Government in times of distress. Safety for the president as earth changes will render Washington DC as dangerous in the upcoming times. The White House spokesman is bound by the highest security as to not reveal plans to move our major houses of all vital services to the surrounding Denver area, consider this as a gift.

   Warning for those politicians who are considering or have betrayed this nation for allegiance to the New World Order, you will be considered a traitor to this country. I can guarantee you that your safe houses will burn to the ground in wild fires or crushed as the Wrath of the Almighty, you can not hide. You were elected to protect the people of this nation and you will do your job. 

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