The Political Arena pre New Hampshire 2016



Written Feb 4 9pm EST

Update Feb 4 10pm EST


   The nation is watching our political system and they do not like what they see. Shadowy events in Iowa as the Cruz campaign looked the other way when an “outside source” stated only part of a press release from Carson as return home for rest to move voters by deception as he is quitting. Cruz will never serve as President, for he was not born in this nation, period. He is a diversion. The polls had Trump ahead and it was true as some changed their minds due to the irresponsible press release by CNN and there is no source. Did votes in some Iowa precincts find the garbage as Jeb arranged for his brother in Florida 2000 to defeat Gore, with the purpose to point to Cruz, but improve Rubio as no one is looking there, maybe? Elements of your media is bought and paid for, beware.

   I told you those who are the pawns of the Illuminati would reveal them selves by their actions. Rubio is there man presently as Santorum pledged his support. He can and will be molded by the powers to be and sell out this country for power. This process is in place now and will be completed on the determinate of future wins or be replaced.

   Moving to Bernie and Clinton this too is a diversion. Clinton faced with the email scandal is not the problem as the public has been led to believe, but this is an issue. The true crime is influence peddling as who would pay 600K for a speech with no return? Those fees were given in hope she would rise to a position of influence, “an investment”. Presently behind the scenes the Democratic have reached out to Biden and Warren to rise when she falls. Bernie has signed off for a position in the Cabinet. This is the current status of the political arena until the earth changes bring a stark awakening that all have lied to you, all.


Update 10:15 pm


   Hillary offers hope, but no true change. She depends upon the Black Community to pull her through as she knows they do no change. The Black community smokes Kools and Newports and they prefer a particular beer that has not changed since the 50's. This is the Truth. Adam Clayton Powell  and the now a censored Congressman is reelected in Harlem New York as they can or could do no wrong. I ask what has Hillary done for you lately and why would you promise your vote for nothing in return. She stated in the debate she is fighting Wall Street. Really and that is why wise investors paid you 600K to bring them down. This is a lie.

   Hillary stated in tonight's debate that she was picked by Obama to be Secretary of State. Yes she was, but this was not his choice. In demand for a unified Democratic party against Romney spear headed by Bill, this was a sorrowful concession. This is the Truth.


Update 10:27PM


   Hillary, I have to ask you is feeding you info? Visibly disturbed as your perky demeanor changed after 10:15pm. You will not be president of this nation by the power of the Almighty. You are a pawn of the Illuminati, crafty as few see this. I have requested that the Almighty now reveal your secrets to the world. You have a choice. Change your ways amid the disgrace and save your soul. This is your only choice.


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