Political Crossroads


Written Dec. 6 4:15 pm EST


   We are in dangerous times, as polarization has now encompassed the Democratic Party from within. We see the media express concern for racism and sexism for the failed effort of Kamala Harris. Really, her own race did not support her and Booker will follow. The truth, no one believed in her message of change. Obama promised change and he could not do it. We saw Biden attack one of his own Democrat, as an uncomfortable question was raised about his son. He called him a lair.

   Hunter was placed on the board to stop a corruption inquiry into Burisma, by a corrupt Ukraine Administration that stole billions period. When the prosecutor continued, Biden step in to stop aid, until the prosecutor was removed. This was a crime, and the American people know it. Many watching in the audience had the same question in their minds, but were quiet as to how, it was handle. They will mimic him, as he said, “you will not get my vote”. A vote for another Democrat, no, a vote for Trump as they see the lies. This is what your minds refuse to believe.

   The Democrats are vulnerable, as the impeachment inquiry may move to the Senate by vote in the House. It is game over if the former Ukraine president testifies about Biden, this will never happen, as they will kill him. Or the present president of Ukraine testifies remotely, that no quid pro quo was used on the record. That is game over, no matter the useless opinions on what intent may have happened. It is about the facts.

   Pelosi stop lying, that you say prayers for Trump. You do pray to God the Father or His Son Jesus. Yes, you are Roman Catholic as a facade, but your soul is dark. You answer to another and your place in hell is reserved, unless you change. Remember the last impeachment of one of your own had evidence that dripped on a dress. It failed. One thing you have accomplished, is to harden Republicans, and influence the weak of mind that does not research. Statements about an official agency spying on the Trump campaign was not done, is true. But the deep state placed moles to undermine and leak sensitive information, which was worse. Listening devices were found by design, as Trump did not suspect those sent to advise him. Stop with your spin. This will backfire. Again when the coastal populations are forced inland, they will be seen as an enemy, instead of a fellow American. This is what you created. Are you proud?

   Just know, Hillary was not suppose to lose. If so, the arrangement between Hunter and the Ukraine’s leaders, would have become more lucrative without the media attention. There is your corruption, put in place that Biden oversaw. More contracts with the EU was the goal, if Hillary was in power, and the loss of Crimea, who cares, it was an ice free port. With that, the Russians agreed not to attack in return.

   Your leaders have sold you out, and the Obama Administration stood down. The deep state allowed the Clintons to gain immense wealth through their defunct charity. The Bidens would have profited off of Ukraine and China to start. And racism in the deep state held the Obamas to speaking engagements and book tours and a deal with Netflix. This is a fact.

   Ukraine is not a part of our National Security. If they were overrun by the Russians, the Democrats would have stood down as the cowards they are. Proof, look at Crimea. Oh sanctions, how was that going to work, as the Ukraine supplies gas to the EU? Trump may have went to war, but would have backed down from WW3, and state that is an EU problem. This is why France and Germany are scared, but they have their own problems, as their governments are collapsing under riots from within. By the way, Trump they were laughing at the NATO meeting about you, stating you were a crude American (the word was much worse) and after the impeachment, you can kiss their EU and Canadian asses. They all laughed. The insult from all was against Trump and America. They will pay a heavy price, I promise.

   You have been told, if the US was attacked, only a useless token force from the EU NATO would be sent. I mean sacrificed, as the ships would be sunk by attack subs waiting and aircraft lasered out of the skies, nothing will change. Germany does not have an air force, that is combat ready, and has a secret agreement with deep state in Russia. Only the UK would go all out. I ask, why are we paying the most, when it is only the US under Trump, that Russia and China now fears?

   The fight at the Buttigieg campaign event shows, that the problems in the Black community in South Bend have not been address. When brought up by a Black lives matter rep, it was a fight instead of a solution. Polling near zero in states with Black people, states it all. In a public street meeting in his home town, Blacks stated they would never vote for him. As a nominee, you will get crushed in a land slide as Blacks and many Democratic evangelicals stay home rather than pick Trump. Give it up.

   I will now address all minorities in this great nation. We have compassion for the needy in this world, but can not afford to take in more than we need, as our own will suffer. The left does not see this. Their answer is to tax the rich and their corporations, as Warren states. So exactly what will the corporations do to preserve their bottom line and stock prices? First maintain or increase the revenue flow, cut workers and middle management in order to support the bottom on their stock options, then eventually exit with their golden parachute. Increase costs to the consumers to preserve wealth, offsetting tax increases. They will all do it in unison, if not they are out of business. What will happen, is that foreign corporations, will have a serious advantage. This will increase their market share, then drive US corporations out of business, cause a stock market crash, and massive layoffs. Look beyond the fluff you are hearing.

   In the inner cities there will be a lack of affordable housing driving up rents, as illegals flood the cities living sometimes 20 to a residence. What will the Black, Latino, and legal immigrants do? School districts overwhelmed as no taxes are collected from those who are free. Free healthcare will come at a price, in rural America you may have to drive a hundred miles, and then with overcrowding and few doctors, waits will be seen to approach 24 hours with some dying. Many will lose their jobs to offset the new taxes. Warren and Bernie do not see this. They are politicians, not smart with common sense. Know the difference. Is this the health care system you want America? The Middle Class with established affordable healthcare will never accept their proposals, when the facts come out.

   Free college, most, if you donot pay will just abuse the system. Money wasted on those who experimented on the idea of an education, to get the few jobs that pay above 40 thousand. Reduce the interest on student loans to a half point above Prime rate offer by the Fed. Taking out the predatory lenders, but Warren, you won’t do this.

   So Warren when are you, Bernie and AOC going to tell the general pubic, they have no future due to the upcoming pole shift? Oh I forgot, you all have a place in the bunkers. Just know, I will have the Almighty crush it, when you go into hiding.

   As the for the media, do not assume that Fox news viewers, watch only Fox. Many that watch Fox, who were Democrats, heard the same line and narrative, as if it was obtained from one source. It is obvious, there is collusion between certain politicians and the media, as our nation is being fed BS. Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and it is your idea, to invite the world, as that is, who we are. No, that is who you are, making promises you know, will fail. Housing and college out of reach of all but the rich. Sub standard healthcare to what most had, before you eliminate private services and we have to pay. Yes corporations will pay and pass the cost to us, stagnant wages, increased prices, and smaller work forces. Free college, so where are the graduates going to find work in a shrinking economy and new abundance of talent? You are out of your minds.

I want you to ponder. If you were the elite, what stands in your way for global domination. They have financially enslaved you through educating your children, you sign student loans sometimes over 200K for good schools, if they graduate in 4 years. I do agree that was a brilliant move. All governments are in debt, look at the riots. The solution is one religion and one world government, as all are cared for and answer to one. This is what the Democrats and some Republicans are pushing. The Bible warned you of these times. This is what you face. The one who will rise, is satan himself, with the false prophet francis. This is how your world shall fall, as almost all of you are still asleep. True evil will fool all of you, as you are mere humans with no knowledge of the spiritual realm. Billions of souls will be lost, if you donot plant a seed in your mind. I ask, watch events, be on guard, and do not discount, what is written here. We are trying to save you, but you must grab the life saver at some point. Heed this.

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