Political Snapshot 3/18





Written Mar 18 1pm


   Kasich has made a choice as he now works for the elite instead of America. He has no chance to win the nomination mathematically. So why is he still in? You are to believe his campaign has new energy as he won Ohio, but how? Those backing Hillary, the preferred candidate for the elite pressed her voters to cross over by design to fulfill a Kasich win. What does this tell you? The powers to be control both parties and manipulate the outcome to herd the population to the designed candidate. Ask yourselves is Trump worse than Hillary? You were told of these times as what is right will be seen as wrong and what is wrong will be seen as right. This is the Truth. Heed these words.

   I told you I would judge by your actions with no chance of winning, who is funding you? Your mission is to divide the vote further, so there is no clear winner and you were promised things like Rubio and the other losers now pushed under the bus. You hear words that Obama is now (forced) going to back Hillary as the Bernie excuse holds no wait. Biden and Warren are watching.

   Let’s address the words said by Trump about women. This has gone out of control. He was talking about specific women as do all men Carly and Rosie, wake up. All women are beautiful to someone, but not all. This is the ugly Truth. It is not Trump, but men in general. You see it in the commercials. You see it on the arms of the rich. You hear it whispered in the man caves and bars when your significant others are drunk. Trump is telling you what your men are saying behind your backs. You cannot talk about whom you think cannot hold a man, be all about make up and the gym and expect to comment on what is not the norm. Now protest that.

   Exactly what do they fear from Trump? As a businessman that which does not work is bankrupted and discarded with a better plan. The military industry would have to deliver weapons that work to specs, on budget and on time. Waste is gone as the government becomes about surplus (profits). There are no favors. You cannot lie to America about WMD anymore. There are no positions rewarded for campaigning or financing. Lobbyists and the phony think tanks are all in the past. Allies would be exposed for the leeches they are. In Washington it is about positioning yourself to take your slice. The code is you funnel contracts and favors to me and when you retire the newbies will funnel to you. This is how it works. Bernie and Trump are trying to break this and America is still blind. This is what the elite fears.

   Foreign policy is a complex set of agreements dating back centuries when a president comes in he changes nothing. This is the bottom line. Yes he can tweak certain agreements if the elite allow it as a compromise, but again it is herding allow a shift to the right and another to left over decades, but the overall direction remains the same. Your enemy has a plan over centuries and the change with a presidency is measured in a fleeting moment. This is how they fool you, the new world order. This is why Obama is grey. This is why the concept and power of the White House can kiss Michele’s .

   Some Rabbis are planning to boycott the Trump speech stating he about hate. Is not your nation that hates the Palestinians? Is it not your nation that steals land under the guise safety? Violence, is it not your nation that destroys the homes for the actions of one?  You are a den of Hypocrites. What is so sad is the world sees this while most of you are in denial. When will you change? When you do, only then you will have a dialog with the Almighty and His Son that your ancestors murdered and then covered up events of who He was. Do you realize who your descendants murdered? Grow up and ask for forgiveness chosen ones and all will be forgotten.

   Bernie do not endorse Hillary, for you will lose face. There is nothing they can offer you, as they will renege or you have no voice to what was promised to change. Continue to fight, for everyday you stay in, the closer she moves in words to your mission. Of course once in office she will change nothing and it is here you can expose her. Walk away and you will send a powerful message that you cannot be bought. You will not change your principles. You will always fight for the common man. And no bribe of a government appointment in the Clinton Administration if this pans out is worth betraying the trust of those who voted for you. You said, “I will change Washington” then don’t join them in unity. Send a message and complete your mission.

   If Trump wins the nomination, he will select a new shift to ascend to the presidency. Hillary has a clouded past. He will end the insults and America will forget. The Republican Party will choose like rats escaping a sinking ship. The wild card is that object about to appear in our skies. Hillary every time you lie, rig the super delegates, and use your influence to derail your opponent, the sooner I will request the object to appear before the election instead of after the New Year. The choice is yours.


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