Politics Aug 2015



Written Aug 3

Update Aug 6


   Letís look back at Huckabee in late July. A candidate like the rest, who states the prepared words of the elite that  they think America wants to hear while achieving their direction. Just what is about the Republicans as they all seem to act like parrots mimicking the same words, Neville Chamberlain? Remember those words a few weeks ago. The Iran deal is like marching the Israelis to the oven? Huckabee why would you lie to America for what you say is not the truth and you call yourself a Christian man, hypocrite. How little you know.

   Neville was a pawn of the elite as prime minister, a figure head manipulated by Bank of England who also controlled the primary bank of Germany through Jewish family ties. Hitler was a pawn of the elite to energize the German people destroyed with debt from WW1. He rose igniting a nation with hope and hate all supported by the banks that were in collusion. Neville was told to look the other way and present peace no matter what he saw. It is about the weak delivering for the peace process and being politically correct and the people see diplomacy. This is the game and when it has run its course a scapegoat is created. The defiant are assassinated. The weak just die like Neville or commit suicide.

   Confusion in Parliament allowed the bankers of Germany the time to build its infrastructure and war machine that would rival England and the future Allied Forces. The covert goal was the reduction of what is seen as worthless humans on both sides through the art of war. Enrichment of the banks on both sides as the world conflict is balanced with resources, talent and money. Under a national directive of the survival of the Western world they the Germans would be eliminated.

   When the war ended hundreds of millions dead, nations indebted the Western banks, but they printed paper as not one bank was audited or had the gold reserves to back there loans and charged interest of the faith of paper, just like today. The World Banks allowed and ideology of Communism to take hold in Europeís back yard and covertly transferred the secret of the Atomic bomb to the Russians out of New Jersey with the approval of Truman. The Rosenbergs were sent as spies stole worthless information, but were the preplanned scapegoats. The US Army never allows one department to hold all of the secrets. This is their protocol in place for decades. All this achieved a new balanced enemy and insured more defense spending and bank debt, what a plan.

   Huckabee, no Israel will be marched to the oven as the world is now, although this may change at the hands of the Western world under the new world order, just like their Holocaust. Do you really think the British and French spy network in the early forties had no clue to the elimination of millions of Jews? That had photographic evidence of people in and bodies out. The transport rail lines were never bombed to slow the flow of Jews, nor the media alerted to the genocide. This was by design. You were told the soldiers discovered it, but the truth was known and allowed to proceed as the British, French and the Germans were in agreement no Jews. Those that survived lost their property and all were told to leave Europe and immigrate to a new Israel carved of Arab land under the control of the British Colonial powers. They were not wanted in Europe by the elite. Give them a country out of sand and call it their promised land anything, but Europe. With the move forcibly removing the indigenous Moslem population in favor of a Jewish, this ensures a future flash point in the Middle East thus fulfilling the scriptures as God knows the future thoughts and actions of man.

   Now fast forward to present time in Israel, if attacked with a crude weapon minimum yield of a few hundred kilotons and if the one warhead gets pass the anti missile system and if its guidance is not hit by an advanced weapons electrical surge, it would probably hit the Palestine section by design. Israel would unleash over a hundred nuclear weapons  many provided by the United States in secret turning Arab and Moslem sand to glass and over hundreds million would die and the Arab cities you see today in UAE, Saudi, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and other countries would be flatten. The Arab elite would have their homes vaporized. This is what they face. They launch it is game over as Russia and China will respond. This is the Truth. Never lie that Israel is soft for a war of one hit against a hundred would happen ushering in WW3. An Iran nuclear program is an ant in the world as we see it. You know but you play the American voters as they donít know any better and you want to lead this country, pathetic.

   Bush is calculating depending on taking the Hispanic vote from Hillary, shrewd like papa Bush who was head of the CIA, remember they appeal to the masses in order to propel an agenda of control by choice of the people. It did not take much to hack the voting machines in Ohio, lose votes in Florida through punch out shifts or votes that found there way into the swamps to usher in the W. Remember as head of the CIA all knowledge of the coming earth changes was known. All efforts are in place to insure again a Bush is in the White House if the nation is under siege. All thought in the shadow government 2003 was the date thought to be the end of the world due to an outside source; they were fooled and played their hand. W and papa B were and still are greedy in that they wanted the oil fields and started a war with the disasters coming in hope their tracks would be covered with death. This was the plan. It failed and you paid the price, trillions in debt and thousands of Americans killed. It was all about the money.

   Desperation faces both the Clintons and the Bushes as both families want to be in control of America before the passage of Niribu. Time is against them and their loose ties to cooperate will evaporate as this nation realizes they have been lied to and the gold has been replaced by tungsten gold plated bar replicas in Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve banks. Congress, the cowards they are would never publicly audit the Fed. When the truth breaks who will emerge unless Obama by Executive Order suspends voting as disasters make a clear representation of the peopleís choice impossible. Their hole card is that the poor and the cities will suffer massive loss of life and the Hispanic and Black vote will be non existent.

   Walker is the status quo choice as he followed orders of the elite, destroyed unions and is funded by the Koch brothers. Need I say more? All politicians have speech writers. They are coached; kiss babies and shakes hands for show. I ask you this one question would you allow them to run your corporation or business? For almost all the answer is no. So how do you expect them to run this country?

   So now letís address the Donald. All of who try and figure him out has failed. He is no fool and you donít even see the calculated moves. He degraded the Mexicans and when the earth changes increase and millions are at the border, he will seem like a genius. All of you know the secret, but dare not speak. You are so weak. He insulted McCain, but some wonder how he survived in a North Vietnamese camp that was ruthless against all that did not cooperate, just saying. He strategically skipped the Monday debate to observe the others and their flaws. None revealed their true intent as some thought Pataki and may have, had great ideas. As a leader in the polls why mingle with the losers. Your politicians all are of the status quo. All agreed to be somewhat politically correct with canned lines how dare you, he canít lead America, but to the common man he can. As business leader the books yield a profit. The areas that do not produce are eliminated or replaced. Your lobbyists and special interests group hand cuff you and America sees this. He is a billionaire and leads several corporations with an iron fist and it has made him rich. His children now run the corporate agenda with him just checking in allowing him to focus on the race. Is America rich or politically correct? Worse he has his own money and answers to no one unlike the rest of you candidates and it is not the American voter, but your money donors. You fool no one.

   All you candidates answer to the Republican Party, why donít you tell American you get an email of a common theme to repeat to the media. What is so sad is that you repeat it word for word, as you are bought and paid for. For the media review the sound bites, but you already know the truth.

   Trump destroys his opponents in the board room, which is quasi scripted on TV and you think this media personality, well educated, and ruthless with quick wit will allow you and inch? He has lowered expectations of the voters if he evens is equal to the field he has won. If he is among the top he will be in it until the end. Not even Koch brotherís money and connections with crush the campaign as almost of his dirt is already public. What fools with prepped lines as only the right opportunity provides to the push back and this ability is innate your only hope is Christy. A punch line delivered with no response crushes the speaker, are you willing to trust your speech writers?

   The major disasters are slated for after Dec. 2016, but the next 16 months will be no cake walk. So an executive order will be fought against, only a month may make a difference. This will taint the front runners and leave an opening for Trump if he does not make a mistake as he knows all are gunning for him.

   Trump is not interested in winning the Republican nomination for this is not power, but Walker is the Koch brotherís pet. The key is to take enough electoral votes if he makes it to the end where past scandals and lies from both front runners, earth changes, calls for change of the status quo Trump will garner enough as an independent to give his share to either the Democratic or Republican nominee thus crowning a president or as a long shot win. This is the art of the deal.

   Presently Hillaryís vulnerability has been exposed by the polls some tainted by selecting certain samples. All see a new entry Joe as a new choice, but the covert plan is to take votes away from Bernie to insure Hillaryís victory if she continues to slip. This is how your Democratic front runner rolls.

   Christi is the only one on the stage that may handle Trump at best neutral with limited time, but he will be avoided, the rest are losers as they offer no change, but they speak of it. Bridge gate will never touch him as he was doing what all politicians do bow to the leadership or you are out. This is what is wrong with our system and the Donald is projecting a different image although the faÁade may be the same core. Fox put a limit on the number of the candidates hoping the polls would exclude Trump, this backfired. Secondary plan was the short overall time for the debate not allowing any candidate to rise significantly above the others this is by design. The questions will allow controversy to favor those picked by the elite. Let the games begin. The elite will be shocked and organize this is where Trump may be comprised and offered a deal. Will America win? No, as this world will be governed by the new world order, America defiant will be attacked. This is the plan.

   What this world and nation will be facing, the earth changes is a leader with balls, who needs to rise in name of God, yes I said it. This is the Truth. The earth changes will lock the borders as this nation will not be able to take care of or feed its displaced. How will the masses protect this nation from Russia and China as you hide the truth? Not one of you politicians has the nerve to make a split second decision that is right? Blow the world up and the elite win. Sit on the earth changes and call it climate change, the elite win. The coastal cities will be crushed as bridges and tunnels destroyed some by design. Water conduits broken power intermittent and you the poor should look at this present calm as if you are rich. No advisor or poll will help you as a leader and then you face comet impact soon after the world sees the double suns in our skies. There will be shock, disbelief, then denial.  What you will face fears nothing. What you will face presents the perfect image, just like a politician, but delivers nothing. What you will face shall bring the world to the brink of disaster and war, killing billions. This is what you face and you see the world being lead by one of the Democratic or Republican candidates, what a joke.


All of you have questioned why the present field of candidates were called losers?


   All of you are questioning why I called the current Republican field of politicians and not to be left out as they were omitted by choice of topic includes the Democratic Party losers. I have told you we need a leader to face the unthinkable and there is none. This is why the dark one so polished and articulated will rise above the world leaders who are inept when it comes time for turmoil. When the nuclear trigger is pulled without hesitation hundreds of millions will die as leaders of the free world freeze. When disasters overwhelm the country and resources are in the hands of the elites, our leaders will hide from the people as they have no solutions as death abounds everywhere. The cowards that will appear on the stage pretending to care about America will be the first to run to the bunkers and leave their trusted staff on their own. Emerging after the fact to lead the people they held in the dark.

   Exactly how do you expect them to lead, gather a bunch of survivors and put them in a focus group? Assemble their staff they left to die with the common man for solutions? Do you really think Americans want a canned speech after a disaster destroys their cities? Politicians are actors where they on the most part, they pretend to care and offer few solutions, but there is always an agenda. If your familyís lives are on the line, would you trust any on that stage for a real solution? No because behind closed doors they will be cowering in fear. First for their lives like the cowards they are, second when they have to face the American people as to why there was no warning. Not one of them can offer solutions on the fly or think outside of the box. You in the media have known what is coming for years and you have been fed lies as to the severity. Events will escalate quickly as to stun the world and those caught off guard and family members die, you will never be forgiven. This is why I call them losers.

   In a few weeks the dark one will incarnate on earth in a prepared body of choice a grown man. Shortly there after you will see an escalation of evil that will be unprecedented in the history of earth for he only has 42 months to destroy this world. Not one of you world leaders will stand against the prince of darkness and in turn you will fall to your knees and worship him. It has been written. This is the Truth.


The Fox Debates


   As you in the media to analyze the Fox debates and will you realized the truth. You were told the questions were doctored and some were prepped. It would have been far better to see Trump stumble on a legitimate question than the hand raising and the question foolishly proposed by Kelly. When the tone rang you cut off Carson, but no one else, explain? This debate was meant to discredit and to push the eliteís favorite. Some of the American people saw this and it is not good. As they have seen with their own eyes and ears that the media is fixed. Yes the last half covered the issues, but the damage was done. I ask; were you that afraid of Trump that you had to load the questions? A debate is about the issues that affect this nation and your questions should reflect this from the start to the finish, not midway. It is up to you to change how the media manipulates the common man of this country. If they, the politicians protect their own who is going to stand up for you. This is our country. This decision can change the world. This is how the actions of what seems weak now that shall grow. As the Truth touches their hearts all will want, as they have no one now as a leader that faces this world. This will break the bonds that holds mankind back. This is the change we need and it comes from within, not a politician offering false hope.


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