The Biden Poll Numbers



Written Mar. 1 3:50 pm EST


   Many opinions in American politics are formed by polls and others by rogue groups like BLM or Antifa. The polls can be used either to hurt a candidate or help them like in Bidenís case. So how is this accomplished and then fed to the media? When a research company does a survey or poll it takes samples from a designated geographical area broken up by zip codes and population density, where the respondents match a balanced political background of those who would be voting. Most research companies take dozens of samples, each with a corresponding final total and respondents. The range of those samples and final totals, sample size is dictated by the margin of error, confidence is subject to opinion, so how can a poll be used to help Biden?

   It is simple as most companies want to please the client in this case the Biden Administration. So instead taking the average value of the sum of all samples and presenting that, they pick the best sample within the range of error, present that number, the media runs with it and the common person following issues scratches his or her head. So in the case of Biden with a poll number of 37 with a plus or minus 3 could have an average of 34 and a low of 31 as an approval rating. The research company when dealing with politicians usually presents its best and it does fit within the range of error.

   The point you do not know where a poll number is picked from. The greater the influence of the politician like Hillary, the further from the truth will be the poll number. Never believe the poll numbers, as this is why voting is sometimes way off from the polls to actual votes. The goal is to sway voters who have no clue of the issues, but follow the words of media spokespeople, as there is always a chance. This method was used in reverse to create descent for Trump. This is the current method that buoys Biden presently from the basement like Kamala. This will be used to soften defections from the Democratic Party in November. As for following swings in public opinion instead of common sense. How did that work for you in defund the police?


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