Our Present State



Written Apr. 12 11:59 pm EST


   Many are saying, we need to give the present Administration a chance, and I back this. Elections has consequences no matter the spin, we move on. Letís be careful, on what policies are backed, for they may come back and give a vicious bite. First up, is crime in the cities.

   It is out of control, as if you thought, once Trump was out of the picture, things would settle down. The criminal does not care about your gun laws, as money talks and will always have access to weapons, just like the cartels. In a confrontation, an unarmed public will just die. Can you protect the public by reducing police forces and replacing them with cowardly social workers, who will run at the first sign of violence. You canít pay them enough to risk their lives.

   As for the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms does not limit the type or amount of guns. Did you not think the Founders saw this time coming, as they were inspired by God? An executive order used prevent a few? Remember who you work for. Can you stop bombs? You can not even stop drunk driving and your own have been caught. Drunk drivers kill tens of thousands, but you do not ban cars? How many teenagers who would have been prevented from accessing parental guns with a mandatory locked gun safe law, if children are in the home? No under 21 without a parent or legal guardian can attend a gun show, buy a weapon or modified attachment. This is where you make a difference.

   The Supreme Court will strike down any order that infringes upon our American Rights. The elite wants a disarmed public that can not put up a fight against paid insurgents or an invasion from overseas. This is their plan, as the puppets now in place, deliver. Thus the experiment is over before it begins. Do you really want to see the police to stand down, because they are on edge of complying to your thoughtless new rules. Yes they should have used a taser in the latest event, even more, they should have called for back up. I ask this question so many times, why run? There are 2 sides.

   All of you need to comprehend a rapid conversion to green energy. China is in no hurry to close its coal power plants, the goal, world economic domination. This is a fact. Gasoline prices are rising before summer, just add a dollar or two and on top of that gas and fall heating oil prices. Your 15 dollar minimum evaporates, as inflation takes what little is left over. Food with the floods and drought, now a real problem with no solution. Packages sent online increase shipping fees another blow. There many issues with the environment, you need to look deeper.

   Now the border, which is totally out of control. You told them to come in the presidential debates, but not one of you had the housing and processing facilities in place. Trump left the system unprepared. No, Trump shut down illegal immigration, so no need for vacant facilities. Why donít you leave the front doors open to your homes or lower the fences in DC. They are all up an only one, a Black guy tried to breach it in months, so much for the white insurgency. The border wall has holes and your answer leave it open. So your logic 350 k breach the wall you refuse to finish, but 1 in DC and it is finished to protect a false fear. Oh, maybe you fear something else, not of this nation.

   Underground reports, (which means the general media refuses to cover), close to 300 k enter this country per month, and your answer is to give thousands of unemployed illegals up to 13 thousand dollars in stimulus relief? Many pay no taxes, unless they are committing a felony, identity fraud, which is it? I know you did not think, voters who put you in, so you can give away our money to illegals, because the off the books economy dried up? The elites were afraid their kids may catch Covid and forget coming to their doors for lawn care. Too cheap to use True Green or legal landscapers? You are out of your minds, lets open the flood gates. Oh, get it. You need a plan that looks like compassion to keep low paid workers for the elite in place until Covid blows over. Oh, we are soooooo stupid.

   You have no low cost housing units in place for the predicted 3 million per year influx. Oh, your plan is a zone change for apartment buildings in residential areas. The rule was put in place to protect Middle Class housing prices, but in comes the spin, instead of the truth. You have plenty of space in the cities, as run down areas are cleared. Start there first, and the land is cheap. Isnít that what real estate investors did to Harlem and Long Island City. What will that do to rents for Americans, as demand rises? What about bi-lingual teachers needs for the children? What about the healthcare you put in place, before your own? Your answer is to payoff the governments to set controls at the borders, as they skim hundreds of millions off of what you send, fools. Obama tried that. They do not care. They only care about getting paid. Oh, I did not know, we have 2 million job openings for low or no skilled workers this year in a pandemic. This is what you face.

   Raising the taxes on the elite, some will pay and do the right thing, others will hide assets or just move. You know this. As for corporations, the increases will be passed down to the consumer. Yes, the middle class pays indirectly. How long can you contain this news? Remember with Trump gone, a new enemy has to rise for the elite. Guess who, while standing in of a mirror, leader.

   Little has been done to fix race relation, since Administration changes, but some founders of organizations, are busy buying multiple houses with a new source of money in the millions. Is this, what it is now about? Start a great cause and then bail with the money? It is not about getting paid after hard work as a volunteer. You were a volunteer, unless you had an ulterior motive, like the elite, 95% for me and 5% for the cause. The Clintons paid out less.

   Use common sense, if the project puts more people out of work and relocation remains a death spiral for most families, pass on it. So far I have seen only a modified drop in lies, harsh words and spin from the media. As for change, failures are already in place and your plans for the future are just plans. Know the difference.


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