Progressives Betrayed



Written Nov. 24 1:15 am EST


   What is now clear in this election, is that the Democrats who answer to the global elite (new world order), have discarded the progressive agenda and ideas like yesterday’s trash. AOC, why don’t you quit now, instead of being ignored. Take the money and run, like Hunter.

   It is a fact, that Warren wanted the Cabinet position of Treasury. You were told this, if the Democrats win. This was Warren’s negotiating put in place at the nomination convention, and you Elizabeth, expected Biden to honor, like Obama did for Hillary. Is not Massachusetts a deep blue state? You did not campaign, without reward, as your running days have come to an end, as age if not during the past campaign, is now an issue. Biden kicked you to the curb, plain and simple. Let’s see if this changes due to backlash. They should have waited until the Georgia run offs to choose 2 Senate seats, as if your Senate seat if lost temporarily or permanent would have made no difference with a sweep. You were lied to.

   Crazy Bernie running the Dept. of Labor? You must be out of your minds. Big Tech put millions into your campaigns, so they can continue to tap India for cheap high tech labor, while our IT graduates look for work. 15 dollar wage, no problem past the cost onto you, the consumers, inflation. If the borders open, riots will explode in our Nation. Yes at one time, we needed the poor and the helpless to build this nation. Does Corporate hire the poor and helpless? No they need skills. You are idiots, as all with nothing to offer become a tax burden for American tax payers. Now I ask, do your politician have your best interests, or working for another? Your leaders as dinosaurs still believe, stuck in 1900‘s, that time has past 120 years ago. We needed horses and buggy whips then, is it needed now? You do not help others, before you help your own. Please try and spin it, then try it on your family. Good luck. Rid their countries of corruption, but you won’t as you get paid to look another way. Alleged Hunter, how is that working for you, “Great!”. Papa can get paid.

   You have (new world order) Kerry now Climate Czar, how is that going to work, as one of his family members got paid by the Ukraine for oil and gas firm Burisma as a board member. Kerry is putting on a front and is the first fall guy when Nibiru shows in the skies and seen as the face of climate change. He will represent a corrupt administration, a liar, putting millions of lives in danger by locking them in danger zones along coastal regions of our nation.

   Green new deal is a lie. The earth is being heated up from within and the intensity of the Sun is increasing. Now again, before 2000 the Sun in the sky was yellow, now it is white, many of you remember. AOC, Biden just kicked you, your squad, and your ideas to the curb, now what? You cannot run for speaker, too young. Incase you have not noticed, your squad has been muzzled. Now, what you have failed to realize, reducing the carbon footprint is a great idea, but population growth vastly negates this. Did you really think this through? I thought not.

   The rich have abandon the cities, as change is just around the corner. So much for your narratives that the right is the cause of riots. Where are they? As your cities decay with crime out of control, you can not tax what is not there. Who are you going to blame? A alleged racist in Margo when you are in charge? Guilt by association does not hold up in a court of law without a crime. Most of you will embezzle funds and hide in your bunkers, but karma is a bitch. This will be your near term dilemma.

   The Wrath of the Almighty has been held to see how you proceed with the affairs of earth. Conspiracy sites (Qanon & Zeta) are influenced by both light and dark, discern the Truth. I have told you this many times. Confused, then call His name, Jesus for enlightenment. You have to be in the light. Time is very short, as you have tipped the scales. Disasters have no pause, it is social issues that is delayed. Your world will never be or look the same, as those who worship satan are being swept from this earth. Relish what you have, as if it is your last day.

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