The Promise of Peace



Written Apr. 25 11:59 pm EST


   In the Ukraine war all are calling for peace, but lets not stop the Russian oil and gas. The world shows solid sovereignty with the Ukrainian people and this is a just and righteous cause. But the world was coerced or led down this path. The present leaders of Ukraine killed and deprived the rights of some their own citizens in the eastern regions that associates with Russia. Those citizens were seen as a threat and needed to be eliminated. This is a fact. Slush funds sent back to American politicians to preserve this power captured in 2014, through deceit at the polls, weapon sales, kickbacks, prostitution and drugs. Yet your leaders look the other way. Exactly now, how your media does not consider side deals with politician relatives like Biden and Carrey as bribes?

   Agreements with Fauci to maintain secret viral level 3 labs in Ukraine that can create variants of any infectious disease. Just know, they vaccines for the Measles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox and Polio, that has not changed in decades, yet the Flu now mutates exactly when the dominant strain ebbs? You were told Covid-19 was designed. You say China is responsible. Yes, as this was the raw source. The virus under Fauciís orders was sent to the CDC and modified to decimate human life and then re-released in Wuhan during a planned level 3 leak, as not to point back to America. These are your leaders. The Chinese were not even aware the sample was removed. As for Xi, he is looking to conquer America and is not a friend.

   The modified variants are released by those that control the new world order and can command the greatest lockdown. The general public has no answer to why and if provided would make no sense. So we wait. No virus mutates at the rate of just in time unless engineered. Check the genetic coding, but those who do wind up dead.

   All of this was created to spur Putin to invade by design. You say why? The Industrial Military Complex is bleeding America dry. The Biden Administration provides an unlimited supply of weapons, yet they are winning. A new almost billion dollar plan every 2 weeks? Over time, that amounts to what? What about the humanitarian aid to other countries that house the Ukrainians, do you think Poland is truly paying the bill? No, it is you the American tax payer. France & Germany just ride the American gravy train. Yet you fear WW3 and you should. Not one of your politicians care, which way this goes. They are in the bunkers when it happens, are you?

   So the point is, a coup put in power a puppet Ukraine regime and when things go south, we pick up the costs for people and materials. They could have let the eastern region go. But no, your cities destroyed and Blinken comes back and states the Ukrainians are winning. He is lying. He is running things in the Biden Administration, not the President or Kamala. This why he went to speak to Zelenskyy. So what was the comic told?

   Zelenskyy was told to keep the bodies coming as to capture world opinion. He is to back off and let Putin take Odessa and then sign a peace treaty. For the media, you really think the Russians would risk death to burry Ukrainians when most were in buildings? A little thermite goes a long way if you want to hide or incinerate bodies or just blow them up.

   As the new world order rolls over your societies, you will ask why did not the Almighty step in? He has and He gave you a warning, but you gave into sin. Now get up off your asses and change things. His patience is wearing thin, mine is gone. My choice is to sweep evil from the earth, but few of you would learn the lesson of the value of your soul. So you will suffer for the choices you make and can make amends. It is better that way.

   So what is next? Most of you discounted my request to affect those in control through the Almighty. The reason, the Almighty allowed only a tepid response to my suggestion with those at the top with the mass Covid infection. This will be stepped up. I do not know what He has planned, but from seeing Lightfoot cower and visibly shake at the press conference by design, you will fear the power of God.

   Lightfoot you have disgraced the power the Almighty, has given you to lead your city as a Black woman. Now the Almighty looked past your sin of homosexuality to create a better life for your citizens. You failed. What is given and in your case, shall be taken away for all to see, that might consider following your path.

   On the global scale peace can be offered, but if those offering it are evil, then it delays the faithful from true movement to change their fate. Heed this.


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