So Many Promises




Written Dec. 27 11:15pm EST


   Now that your master is here in the flesh and his orders have been given to disrupt this world, you are in awe in the success and the leaders of this world continue to underestimate as if this is a common enemy of mankind, fools. You were told that this is his time and events will dictate as if you are winning as nations and millions shall fall. You of the Illuminati read these words and laugh as you see no threat, but I am not your prime enemy your master is.

   He is supernatural and hates all of Godís children, no matter whom they pledge allegiance to. He taught you to lie, cheat and kill to achieve your perch above all others on this wretched planet and you think you have leverage. What about the promises of and delivery of power and wealth and this was the bait.

   Shortly your corporations will fail. The money you were given will become worthless. You say I will transfer it to gold. I say, how will you transport it and keep it safe? More important when food becomes scarce, gold and diamonds will not feed you as the common man will see no value. All that you pledged in blood shall be collected; your souls and the wealth you were given shall collapse as the earth changes will crush all financial markets and property becomes worthless in earthquake, flood and tsunami zones. The beautiful will have no cosmetics or Botox to hide flaws boils and sores on the skin and in sexual areas, you will be kicked to the curb and you have no idea of how you will traded for just simple food or clothing. The Bible warns you that women on the whole will belong to no one. Is this the life you want as your men fall to the dark side?

   The master will kill you once you give all to him as you have no leverage, but to be harvested. Trust is for the weak when you are aligned to the dark side. You are not super natural and they see you as inferior. They are immortal and your flesh dies as all life comes from God, could you be on the wrong side? You see them as all powerful and were given the task to herd the sheep through items, media and ideas that you call society. They see you as a tool to achieve a purpose then they will put you with those you fooled. Again you are children of God and just because you are a traitor does not mean you are special. You are only special in that you will betray mankind and when its over be put with those you betrayed. Illuminati this is your future.

   You will be given orders to destroy millions and your families will hate you as news filters in. When you hesitate or question orders your family shall pay the price for your indecision. They will kill you after you see you loved ones raped first for months if they live, dehumanized in front of your eyes when no one wants them, then discarded as food for animals alive. Your option is to ask forgiveness from God. For once in your pathetic life give in and we will see you on the other side. Few of you will act on this warning and this is better than losing you all.

      When you sign up is it all evil and no good. Do you understand this concept? I have been told you do not know. You assume that love or caring for another is allowed to those who are evil. There is no light. There is no compassion or caring or a sense of belonging. There is no love for anyone including your self. There are lies that your way of life can be morphed according to your desire. There is the power and the wealth, laid out for your control, but you know nothing of your master. When you pray in your dark masses, you kneel and praise that which you are told to do through rituals based over time, but not one of you knows what you are dealing with and how can you as you are human and frail. This was your choice.


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