Those Who Promote War



Written April 2


   As this world polarizes you were told what to look for signs of change. Rumors of war, famine, pestilence and the persecution of Christians like over the hundred killed today in Kenya shall impact almost all. Those with a discerning eye see the coming famine and pestilence even though the main stream media hides the details as in Madagascar. You were told in scriptures that war was a punishment for mankind’s sins and this is the Truth, but few of you have even tried to interpret the message. Why?

  Those who promote war as to prevent a threat whether real or imagined without provocation are agents of the dark one. Yes I said it. Look closely at what your world faces today and the Truth shall emerge for those who want to see. Politics is about lying to some degree for all, posturing and a compliant media pushing a message to the people as they will believe anything that is told to them when backed with authority over and over again. This is just one of many ways by how you as leaders have controlled this world.

   Isis promotes Allah as their cause, but kills thousands and rapes the woman and children. Boka Haram wants to convert an African nation, but also rapes school children and kills the men with brutality. Putin wants to free Crimea and the Ukraine as the people of Russia, but destroys a nation and pushes NATO to the brink. They will surprise the world with an awesome army that will threaten the world and Europe will fall under its sphere. The Republicans, the cowards that there are will only posture hoping the US can stay out of the turmoil. This is what the West faces in the near future. This is why there is tension between Obama and Putin for they both know the Truth. Israel wants to bomb Iran as they may acquire nuclear weapons in the near future as this same statement was said in the nineties yet the West supplied their centrifuges. There is no movement towards peace as the land grab continues. With the world coming to a nuclear agreement with Iran this avenue towards war has been pushed back for now, but another will open. This is the Truth. God allowed the world to give you a set border. His commandment thou shall not steal was your test, but you justified your actions against His children. Like you, Jews, all of humanity are His children, except the sealed Jews 144,000 are His chosen, but few reside in the nation of Israel as they were scattered over time.

   As the world watches my nation, the greatest on earth at the present time a dark cloud descends upon our government. There is division across all spectrums as respect as been lost for leadership in this nation. At no other time would what goes on today be allowed under Reagan watch, who slept thru meetings. Again you hear the drums of war beat as if this is a game, but now for you in the Republican Party and many turncoat Democrats the world will be brought to the brink in the coming years. While all of you governmental pawns are directed push Iran towards war. Just whose agenda are you pushing?

   Fools, the Middle East will be crushed by earth changes you positively know is coming and all will see oil production almost cease. As the radical element have burned all the diplomatic ties when the great famine comes their nations will including pro American as if you will be exempt when push comes to shove shall starve killing millions. The anger will be directed towards Israel as the West feeds that nation. The Russians under the orders above Putin will initiate WWIII. Remember the Bible tells the true enemy of God comes from the north backed by an army of 200 million from the east. Read the tea leaves people.

   You in the media and the Republican Party are pawns in grand plan and in all your wisdom you have yet to pierce the fog. Shortly as your world collapses almost all of you will curse God. How could He with all of His mercy allow Billions to die? How would He allow us to suffer? How would He allow this world to be destroyed?

   You still do not get the message. The first children and all descendants were exiled to earth for disobeying a single command. Now in all your wisdom you feel free to change the Laws of God to suit your life styles. The Almighty speaks, “My children I have sent My Son to die for your sins. This how much I love you. It is during the Holy Week that you were given all that is needed for what is to come. The Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Blood of My Son represented with the wine, was celebrated on Holy Thursday. Remember how He died for you on the cross for your sins as your ancestors falsely accused Him of heresy during the next day Good Friday. The tears of heaven flow in remembrance of My Son and so should yours My Jews as the Christians believe. If I banished Adam and Eve for biting an apple what is your fate for killing my Son? There is mercy in forgiveness, but time is short. A decision based on your faith, not what you have been told. Make a choice for Me and My voice will flow to you at long last. You My children have never seen the power of God since the time of Moses, but you will see it shortly. I love all of you My children and will do anything to save your souls. This is the key.

   Billions will past from this earth only that I can save their souls, for this will pass. When the new earth is here all that you thought you lost Survivors and My Remnant Army will greet you as heroes as you helped My Son defeat evil and saved Billions. Trust me and when those around say curse God know it is the power of the Dark one that removes all hope. It is the power of the dark one that destroys your family. It is the power of the dark one who plunges you to the depths of despair to where you think love no longer exist. This is what you face if you abandon Me. I need you just like you need Me. Instead of fear call out My name and I will send My Son to you and offer mercy. This is My Word. This is My Covenant. This is the Truth.”


Certain Jews have Requested an Explanation of God’s Chosen


   The chosen, are all bloodline descendants of the original Jewish 12 tribes and 12,000 from each tribe have been sealed. A country created by those who allowed an enemy to destroy you with full knowledge as their spies reported on the death camps. Only the troops were surprised and they are not your friends. No matter what the news presents to the world, they lied. If you as a Jew do not have a relationship with Jesus that has developed over many years and still believe the Messiah is still coming, you are not His chosen. The Almighty’s Pharisees lied and hid the Truth of Jesus and steered the nation of Israel away from the Truth. They were given the signs to look for and His place of Birth, but your nation ignored it even as your temple was destroyed. You bribed the guards that saw Jesus rise, how pathetic.

   So sure of a presence of wealth and power was the key when you were taught of humility poverty were virtues of God. Just who do you listen to? You the Jews have been scattered from a reason to prevent all of His chosen from being tainted. This was His plan. Jealousy and pride of the past leaders of the Nation of Israel crucified your Messiah and the lies implanted by satan still live today. This will change. The Almighty has not spoken to you in 2000 years. Why? Millions of your descendants of the Pharisees were murdered during WWII and you think you are chosen. Woe to those who purposely lead God’s children astray by beliefs based on lies. Most of the descendants of the Jewish bloodline have converted to Christianity, and this is the remnant army of Christ. In the Muslim world they are killing Christians who does not threaten them like Israel. Does this tell you something? People of Israel, the world has a plan against your nation, sinister in that when a billion die in WWIII all fingers will point to your nation as the cause and a charismatic leader will be given control of your nation. The world will abandon you and your cries to the Almighty still filled with pride as you refuse to acknowledge Jesus and you will be ignored. Only when your nation is stripped of everything and millions die like in the death camps as you repeat the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences will you finally call for Jesus, I hope? I say millions can be saved, if you consider what is said and make changes now.


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