Written Oct. 1 3 pm EST


   I am speaking directly to you by the authority of God Almighty. I am asking you what did they promise you? Just know, the Almighty sees your thoughts and your future, but did not tell me. Maybe, just maybe with your free will, you should reconsider, as the Almighty is now concentrated you at the present, the Author of all life. As a spokeswoman for the Biden Administration, it is time to use common sense, as no man can promise you safety from death.

   No matter how you spin it or the leftist media, bought and paid for, like CNN and MSNBC to start, there is a problem at the border. Now Psaki, you can claim the border is not open, as our eyes lie to all the people crossing. Just how did those 20 thousand plus Haitians migrate to under a US bridge if the borders were closed? Thousands crossing and you just let most go. When you open a faucet water flows, when it is closed, there is no water, now again is the border open? Why did captures along the border break the all time record and October is just starting? All who seek asylum walk in, but most do not fit the requirements, as they are fleeing poverty. Look up the definition of asylum, as it does not include fleeing natural disasters, violence and poverty. You say, we need immigration reform and you think this will stop the flow? Let in one in and twenty will follow. With chain migration the 2.5 in illegally and 2 million not caught adds up to 50 million in the long run, but this is not a problem When vote, they will vote for their own, not you. They are illegals and we have a immigration policy in place. Even Obama in an ABC interview stated the present immigration policy is unsustainable and you censored his words.

   Each family you let in, costs up to 250K in government money per year and why are you diverting our money to illegals? We need education. We need low cost housing. We need good paying jobs. But your policy is to undermine housing market with added millions and rents climb. You are undermining jobs by flooding America with unskilled labor, thus lowering base wages and they get big tax refunds due to children you let in. Your schools are over crowed, as they focus on language instead of math and science and you have our best interest? So should I tell them what you won’t? You will need to bi-lingual to get a teaching job in the cities. Only English speaking teachers need not apply. You stopped the wall under Trump, how is that working for you?

   Psaki your leaders are selling out to the Chinese, do you want to be a forced wife? This is where it is going. The Chinese once in control and they will invade a divided country, and will kill most minorities that were born here. The young white girls will be assigned as wives to the Chinese leaders and men due to the abortion of female children. You doubt, they did this to the Uighurs. You have been told of Nibiru, but little evidence has been seen by the general public. This will change shortly. You have knowledge that is dangerous. Be careful. Your distraction will allow millions to die along the coast lines, as some areas of the EU are toast.

   Sometimes you are called to do the right thing. Even with the threat of death from those who watch you, do the right thing. You can join God or fall in a false fear with them. It is your choice. The Democratic Party are mortal men and women, with no power over life. That is in the Hands of the Almighty, take that chance, man vs. God. Who wins? Do not be a pawn of the new world order. Yes if you resign, another will take your place, but your body language without saying a word will reveal much to those who covertly watch, trust me.

   As for the governor of NY State, the Almighty is not impressed with you using His name in vain. He does not approve of the vaccine, as it is the mark of the beast. Covid 19 was a poorly engineered bio weapon, but they have learned. Does it not block the ability to work, do business and participate in what was a free society. This was made clear in the Bible, and many know this. Implant no, as chips did not exist in the minds of those who wrote the Bible. Do not be deceived by this diversion. Implanted yes, as most would not mistrust a vaccine when millions die. Is the elite using vaccines to cull the general population? They did this in Africa and the health care workers were killed, check it. And because of your words those who are vaccinated with fall ill by the millions. Not by the hand of God, but new world order. They want the population of earth near a half a billion. That is their green new deal plan. Carbon is not the problem, as its source comes from mankind. Eliminate mankind and the carbon problem goes away. That is the truth, but you fail to realize. And this is their plan. The deaths will be close to those in your Democratic Party. In the end, all will know you pushed the vaccines, as a control on population and you will hide in fear. Politicians know little of this world and how to improve it. They are talking puppets of the elite and the elite are the spawn of satan. I call it as I see it.


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