OP Ed to the American People




Written Sept 12


   As Putin addressed the American people through an OP Ed in a New York paper, it is the truth as the media in this nation spins what is occurring in Syria. Can he be trusted as the former head of the KGB? You trusted Bush and he headed the CIA. You all refuse to look at the obvious, who had the most to gain with a chemical weapons strike? Behind closed doors Kerry will see the KGB reports coming out of Syria who were in place as advisors at some locations of alleged chemical weapons launch points. They reported back to their superiors that intel shows gas attacks, but it did not come from them as they were targeting and monitoring all artillery and rockets launches to inflict the most damage on the rebels. In confidence they suspect there is another player as this was confirm at multiple sites who did not share due the gravity of the situation. This is what Putin is hinting to the world, but only letting our State Department and CIA counterparts see.

   The UN will not confirm the source of all attacks, but leave the world with circumstantial evidence as to who is responsible, but confirm its use. The peace initiative will be allowed to go forward. Remember chemical weapons have been in the Middle East for decades and only now you are concerned of them spreading to rogue groups? You were told that Putinís influence by the dark side was lifted temporarily, thus the referral to Lord.

   The world watches the comments made in the media and laughs at the arrogance of some American leaders as does the Almighty. Who appointed you to be judge and jury when you canít even agree at home? You have disgust when being offered a peace plan, like spoiled children who know little about their place on this world. Only He has the right to end life and there is no reason justifying this action except self defense. Many, state the suppression of gay rights in Russia, again this has evolved through humanism. All men are created equal and loved, but no man has the right to sleep with the same. This is the Almightyís Law period and disgusts Him. So how will this situation evolve in Syria?

   This was a set back for the dark side. They expected the planted WMD for force the world or US to strike thus enraging the East as they knew the truth. Cunning, Putin is being allowed to move towards peace, but again he was herded towards this decision, which he sees as his own. Is he sincere for a peaceful solution? Yes and has captured world attention for this bold move. This has incensed those at the top of US as a failure here will shift blame from Obama to Putin, but he has made Obama look as the second player.

   The Moslem world is watching carefully as they know the weapons were planted as this tactic was tried in Iraq, but failed due to outside intervention. This will not occur here as events must play out. Chemical weapons or another trigger point as they morph their plans will be used again pushing the world to attack. The rogue group associated to the rebels need an air strike to turn this war in their favor and all players know this. The finger will again to point to Assad and this time the Russians will become the Bear as prophesized in Revelations and Putinís influence for peace dismissed. Hate and anger will explode as the Russians see a peace being sabotaged. The US public will mistrust the leadership as we could have struck without the world. The Moslems knowing the rebels are suspected of the attack to come will rise up against Western interests as they see deceit rules diplomacy.


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