The Putin Agenda



Written Feb. 27 11:30 pm EST


    The Media in America is way off on why there is praise for Putin from some members in the Republican Party. You do realize in the media without your spin, Putin and the Chinese are enemies of this nation and world domination is their goal. I guess you missed the memo, for years. They are not praising Putin for the attacks on Ukraine and his socialist agenda against the West. Socialism and some aspects of communism is embraced and worshiped by the left. Do you talk about that? The right admires the way Putin held the Ukraine in check stating they would never attack. Putin divided NATO no matter the media states, as Germany reluctantly contributed and Macron went behind Bidenís back to negotiate. He attacked the eastern front under the guise of peace keepers and surrounded Kyiv as that was his agenda, not occupation.

   All of this your leaders got this wrong in spite of spot on US intelligence. Are the Russians crazy enough to crash the international space station or use nukes, yes. Especially if you back them into a corner, which your isolation tactics and sanctions plan to do. Biden on the other hand will freeze and hit military targets already anticipated if war starts. Those who praised Putin for his military tactics only, told you, your leaders are dumb and from what I can see and their actions, that is the truth. So lets look at the state of the world.

   Putin invades and the world sets upon Russia severe sanctions, but pays Russia billions for oil and gas. As oil and gas prices rise Russia gets richer along with speculators in the United States and the poor and middle class get reamed by design. Exactly what kind of war is this? No one questions where is the air support to crush Kyiv. Real time satellite feeds to take out troop positions with cluster bomb tipped missiles. More important why didnít the Russians cut the main feeder power lines while leaving the power plants intact and slow flows into the water mains servicing the city to only life sustaining levels into a centralized location? Therefore no need to invade, but just wait it out? The Russians spent months surrounding Ukraine and now they can only afford weeks to stay? Someone is lying as this war does not make sense. Are we, the common man being played by both sides?

   Great battles fought, but no pictures of great carnage. Planes destroyed with over a hundred soldiers, but no wreckage. They have drones, yet no footage. We see satellite photos of helicopters and trucks on the ground, yet nothing from Kyiv. How is food and supplies getting into Kyiv if the Russians have it surrounded? Have they cratered secondary roads that can not be patrolled? Why would you allow civilians fight, as now the Russians can target all? Why did you activate the rapid NATO defense force, yet you state Russia has supply line issues with the forces in the Ukraine? Although I just heard the Russians have a new supply line heading to Kyiv. You will get no truthful answers.

   You were told this is a test run for the Russians and their goal has been achieved. They see Biden and NATO as reactionary and very slow to respond and come together. A push into Rumania is now off the table, as NATO reinforced. Now Putin has a choice. Agree to backdoor perks and let public perceptions of a western peace meeting proceed initiated by Turkey along its border with Belarus, if it is not pulled back. It is all about what the West will concede.

   As for Ukraine and their corrupt leaders who run the drug and prostitution trade in their country, they will have new partners. The correction for the media is that yes some may be druggies, but they all are drug dealers. Neo-Nazis, no the media spun this, as they all are neo-cons. The Biden Administration was hoping the Russians would take out the Ukraine leaders, as they have loose lips. Any covert action now would be exposed and may lead back to the Bidens. So for now the Biden Administration shakes in fear, not for what Russia plans are, but for what the Ukraine leaders may say when the Russians back down.

   What you have to realize, the new world order facilitated two sides after WW2 to where both will seem unacceptable to the world, as war kills billions in the near future. Out of the ashes a man will rise, an eloquent, wise man, who speaks many languages and will broker world peace by design. This is the current plan to where you will freely choose to let one man heal and rule the earth in peace. This will be the greatest betrayal of mankind, the new world order. What you see today in your world are baby steps. You need to open your eyes.

   By the way Biden speech writers, if he says something stupid or makes a promise he will not keep, you can expect a rebuttal here. Advice, please donít say we have built back better as everyone has eyes and look around. Crime, Covid pestilence, war, inflation, border under attack, energy cost out of control, health and housing most can not afford, bridges collapsing and race relations worse now than in the time of Trump. Do not lie to this nation Tuesday night, as your general plan has failed. Just like your affirmative action pick and former San Francisco side chick Kamala. Just know if the EU chooses to sever oil and gas ties with The Russians, the Chinese have already given them credit for future supplies and will build a pipeline in months. It is game over. Yes America Biden gets opinions that forms his from his advisors and when he speaks it is written by another, an empty vessel until someone fills it. This is the leader you elected and is the same leader that fails you. We need fresh ideas and that may come in November.


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