Shall the Prophecies be Fulfilled

The Race Wars




Written Jul 9 11:45pm EST


   Much has transpired during my vacation week absence and thanks for not putting your Black Ops tails to intimidate my family at the resort area near the naval base this time as if it really works. I guess political and spiritual talk is not nearly as important as revealing off world technology. Anyway letís look into one of the goals of the new world order in this country, deep division of the races and it is working as both sides are being played.

   Addressing Baton Rogue, this was murder as the gun was recovered from the pocket after he was shot according to a witness. The victim was pinned, confused and put up little struggle unlike Brown. The words shouted, ďHe has a gunĒ by the officer was for any witness to hear as to justify the shooting. Here there was criminal intent by the officer that shoot and the blue wall of silence by the one observing.

   In Minnesota the altercation was different. Here the officer was told by the man who had the gun, that he was carrying and he was asked to show identification. He reached and the officer panicked and shot. No Black man is a threat with his family in the car and the officer should have known this, but stereo types were placed in his head. The girlfriend was allowed to record as the officer justified his actions in his mind, but had remorse. This needs to change. There was no intent here, but his lack of training cost another black life. This is the bottom line.

   The Justice Dept. needs to prosecute blatant racism, but also know when a law officer needs to be retrained or let go. Do not let the few that needs to be dismissed, be kept thus tainting all. This is a decision that true leadership needs to make. The few bad cops do not represent the Law Enforcement of this country and this is what Black Lives Matter needs to understand.

    This is another warning to Black Lives Matter. You have disavowed this shooting in Dallas, but the rhetoric during your marches in New York City was fry them like bacon, all heard this and there is tape. The level of hate was so high in Furguson, but to America you were validating a thug who tried to take the law officerís gun when confronted in his car. Again if this was a Black officer he would have shot him too. This is a fact. Now many are shooting cops in your name and you claim these are isolated incidents. Do you not label all Law Enforcement as one by the actions of the few and now you want America to see these same incidents against the police as the few also? You are hypocrites.

   It is your organization that inspires hate towards the police, own it. It is your organization again that separates America as you say Black Lives matter and they do, but more important All Lives Matter. It is your organization that inspired this man with help  he did not know to kill multiple policemen in an organization that marched with you and protected you as when the shoots rang out, stood up for you, while all of you ran like the cowards you are.

   You have no idea as to the power that will under mind you. Not all of those policemen shot at after Dallas was done by those influenced by Black Lives matter, but it was made to seem so. Be careful for what you wish for. You are out of your league as there are those who will use your organization (scape goat) to divide this nation. The goal is a race war, which you will not win and thousands at first will die and then the National Guard will be called. Do you want this? There is another way.

   You ask; how can this happen? If a militia is put in place, they again will snipe the police from established covert positions, in turn the police when under attack will return fire to preserve life at limited suspected crowd positions fired by body armored plants as innocent civilians must not be hit. Several snipers with silencers and flash suppression will just pick off the protesters as if the police shot them in cold blood and again hit a few police to increase tension and turmoil. Forensics will be on the take stating all shots came from police weapons and weapons found dropped by the protesters that match a few shots that killed. This is all it takes. This plan is currently in place and they are just waiting for a trigger that you Black Lives matter will provide.


Update Jul 10 5pm EST


   You (Black Lives Matter) have planted the seed in Black America and it is blooming. With the right to protest and it is your right to how the Black man is treated when encountering the police in isolated moments should change. But it is how you deliver the message as others are watching and are or shall move it to the next level. The shooter stated he wanted to kill white people as if they killed the men in Baton Rogue and Minnesota. Do you see where this is going?

   The protesters are asking for a revolution, but Black people donít even trust each other including most families. This is the truth. Oh you say this is wrong, then lend out some money to help another, few will. The Jews do it always without interest. The day innocents of any race outside of Black race are killed to move forward justice will mark the end of your time. When they shoot back and they will, you will cry for help. Oh yes and you hope the police shall come to save you. Do you really think, they will risk their lives to protect and serve when you profess they should die? Your opponents have thousands of rounds and you have handguns and maybe a clip. You will be picked off before there is a clear shot. As for justice against those who perpetrate the crime only a few will be charged and some will claim self defense. This is what you face as all lose in a race war.

   There is an atmosphere of hate and division that is growing. Remember you have been told many times, but again few are listening. You reap what you sow. Race wars will occur in some inner cites, exploding without warning. Again I stress you have know idea of what you are dealing with until all around you drops like flies. This is the Truth.

   You do realize, what you have started, cannot be recalled as the violence will escalate. Some do to your influence, Black Lives Matter, but more important there will be incidents so violent made to seem like yours and you will have no control. Fear will grow as you cannot count on protection again from those you hate. But you donít see this.

   It is time to use common sense. With any encounter with police, lower the rhetoric and attitude and tensions will be reduced by 75%. Common sense states if you are looking for a fight, then you will have one and you will lose. This is the Truth. Politicians talk, but nothing ever changes.

   To the media ask yourselves, with no scope in the dark, multiple locations, levels and movement not seen before, triangulation. The last time I heard this it was the CIA pinning an event on one shooter, although it was not them this time. You guys will never learn.


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