Written March 5 4pm EST

    As this world polarizes by design, it is about the separation of good and evil. The sad part is that, this is the time of satan. As he has influence and you were told, few in the end times, would have the spark of God in them. So lets address Racism in America as it is perceived today.

    What all need to see, is that Racism, is alive and in America in both parties, the media and our society, but what you do not realize, is that you are being herded, by what you hear from others, instead of actions leading you to an opinion by design.

   Lets go back to just before the 2008 election. It was Hillary that said Obama was not born in America to win an election. Yet this was not racist. It was the Republicans that march with Obama as the joker and nooses and the Democrats said little. Yet this was not racist. We had Obama deport hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants and separate families in the same detention centers in place today. Yet this was not racist. Fast forward to today.

    I will always remember what my brother in law told me. A racist in the south will tell you to your face, and you know where you stand. A racist in the north will smile in your face, and then stab you in the back. It is not racist to separate families, when they cross the border illegally. So let me educate the idiots, if you do not come here, then you do not get separated due to sexual predators, but you think all families are real. It just takes one.

   I watched many of you go to Selma to celebrate, and your city for the most part is under Democratic control and more the 50 years later, the city is still a sh.thole This is a fact. You speak the words of change, but nothing changes and you were given over fifty years. What is sad, this is our future.

    We have put in place over the years quotas, instead of educating to bring candidates up to speed six years later with a masters degree, so they can compete fairly. Knowing that quotas do not bring the best in which they would move up, instead of dropping out. There are social programs put in place by private government funded organizations that only 20 to 5 percent of the funding actually flows to the beneficiary, just like your charities. I remember when I was a child, a friend told me there is a lot of money to made. I asked how? Become a pastor. Ask them, socialism, which is communism in the western world redistributes wealth, the rich hides theirs or leaves, and you the middle class pays. This is the Truth.

   In the 2016 election the Democrats played the same game, but doubled down. They knew Trump would talk down racism, when confronted in high profile events. As every event would be a distraction to his campaign. Do you really think your words of condemnation change those who racism is a way of life? Democrats promoted Jim Crow, and now that some know, you hide, and think it will just go away? I told you racism is alive and well, but it was you the politicians and media that promoted it. Had you keep your mouth shut, the racists would have never embraced Trump. Your Virginia governor is a racist as he wore the hood in that picture, but he lies. The Lieutenant governor allegedly rape a woman and sodomize another. Where is the zero tolerance in the Me Too movement? Do you talk about this? No, this is the uncomfortable truth.

   The Mueller will report no Russian collusion, so if there was no crime, how can you obstruct justice? This is a game and it will end. A warning, as you see the storms, do you want me through the power of the Almighty to notch it up? And I love your incompetent report on the BBC about climate change sinking an island off the coast of eastern India. Sea levels have risen a few inches and the island has sunk by more than 20 feet. India is being subducted and will sink displacing a billion people as the end times (pole shift) is upon you.

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