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The Kavanaugh Accusations



Written Sept 25 1:59am EST


   As sexual abuse accusations mount against Kavanaugh by design, a standard new world order tactic that is a timely smear, the conformation process will get testy. I have told you as the Almighty’s representative on Earth, “the Deliverer”, I will protect His Laws against abortion. The fate of this great nation and New York City rides on this. No witnesses on the first release of sexual abuse, as all named witnesses named by Ford said it did not happen. Yet the rabid fever among Democrats continues without evidence. Now a second one describes Kavanaugh with exposure in a party and no one sees, but her. And get this, it was a recessive memory extracted under hypnosis, which is suggestive. The point, Ford was seen as failing and the back up of this second allegation was in place if needed by a controlled media. This CIA tactic is to create doubt and force the candidate to withdraw. Then the Stormy Daniels lawyer is thrown a bone with another just in case or a lie? This is collusion to destroy a nominee and all who do not see this is blind. Watch as Ford testifies, then make your own conclusions. One thing you as mortal mankind cannot control is the mind of another unless allow. Will she say something that will point to coercion?

   My advice to the alleged victims, this will fail, and you with knowledge of all who influenced and the methods used on the front line, well let’s say when you want to go public, your lives will end. Yes they blackmailed you and offered payments, but stay silent as Kavanaugh will be approved unless another trick is released. Just know; all who are behind this at the top in the Illuminati, you know who you are, count your days on earth if satan himself does not take you out for failing, as this enlighten, instead of leading to darkness, the Almighty will under my orders. This is not a game, as billions of souls are at stake.


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