The Message vs. Reality



Written July 18 11:59 pm EST


   Many promises have been made to the American public, but few have been delivered. This is not bound to just a political view, but in many cases both parties have failed us. We as a nation of one are being separated by those we elected and the media. This is a fact. Take off the blinders and look around. Each party thinks they are absolutely right and the other, the enemy of the state. Each party has their vision for America. One party painted as racists, but gas, food, and wages were fair. The other is inclusive where all are welcome to America, but you go hungry, afraid to walk the streets and wages suffer as they flood the cities. Is this the America where those you elect, look out for your best interest? It is not about party loyalty, but how to move this nation under God forward for all. Your leaders are lost. Politicians can you do this without being influenced by your leaders. As many of you who just steal with social businesses and insider trading topped with influence peddling? We see how that is working. Letís shed light on The Truth.

   The message is that adults are now in the room. This is what, we were promised, but our leader is guided by another and senile, hence the cue cards. Adult does not mean you could just drop.

   The message was we need to switch to green energy, but no one thought ahead to provide an alternate solution, thus causing energy prices to rise. It hurts the poor and this winter, many will freeze because of heating oil prices. This was by design, as none is that stupid. What about the drop in oil prices? So it goes from $5 to $4 and you are suppose to be happy? Remember the base price when Biden came in. That is the truth to your plight. Any increase from that is a green tax on you based on some and mirrors.

   The message was defund the police, but now you run away as if you never supported it. A leader follows his mind instead of the political winds that change on public opinion with no base on reality. You lied to get elected? Solution, you weed out the 3% to 5% of police that are inherently bad and retrain the remainder if needed. Criminals kill cops and you. So your solution was to disband all leaving the population as prey? A Minneapolis home was shot up and the mother and children were almost killed and BLM in their infinite wisdom said, they want to the video from the vest with bullets holes all over the apartment. The police snipers shot a criminal that saved lives. This was the bottom line. This is when common sense goes out the window and you continue to make mistakes by listening to clueless activists. Is that when criminals come to your home and you are under the threat of death, you reconsider your position. This can be arranged as a life lesson from God. Please say yes and my request to God will make it so.

   The message is that women are important as you stand up for abortion. I told you there is a heavy price to pay from God as you promote the will of another. You are clueless on the gift of life. Those who believe are influenced and it is you the leaders, that will pay the price for their sins. The sad part is that, you stab them in the back and let men impede on their rights. You are insane. Men can not have babies. Men can never suppress their bodies to mimic a woman no matter the drug. Men have dicks and will always be a threat to a woman. A hard dick in a womanís prison in the shower is heaven for them. Yes they are prey in a male prison just like other men. In a womanís prison they are the predator. This is what you idiotic leaders need to get straight. This transcends to womanís bath and locker rooms.

   Just what is your message at the border? You have our citizens believing, we can harbor all that is abused by mankind. With what money, when most of you do not even help your own families. Those in power want a docile work force, those here will be left to die in an emergency. Ok, you ask for detail.

   When the earth changes come and the cities become a hell hole, minorities will not work, but exploit. The illegals will do anything our government says. So you have been sold out and many in the cities will starve due to isolation, be killed or worse. For women sex will have little to no value. No country invites 30 million over the past 2 years with no to few skill sets when entry jobs are lacking. There is an immigration process, that is legal.

   The message with Ukraine is about stopping the Russians, as you see many EU nations have side deals. Biden said we will regain our status with Europe. No, it is business as usual. We pay 40 billion every 2 months and those in Europe may pay 2 billion between all of them. They do not pay their fair share. Then we send them our strategic oil supplies. Biden, do you think we are idiots?

   The message Ukraine is winning the war, yet many of their cities are destroyed. I told you months ago Zelenskyy with kickbacks to certain powerful American politicians, is selling the weapons on the side and could not care less about Ukraine. He spouts Ukraine will never surrender territory. News flash, how are you going to take it back? Ukraine soldiers are cowards and have ran. It is paid mercenaries that are fighting. When the money stops and it will, you lose. Biden again in your fog, you know this will come out, what then?

   The message was, we will help every American get through this pandemic. So programs set up and you gave money away without oversight just like Afghanistan, Ukraine and now in America. Close to a 100 billion was lost to fraud. I wonder much can be trace back to our politicians, but you will not investigate that. The sad part is when you print money, you pay with inflation, again you deny this. Is was not worth it. Landlords lost billions. Businesses destroyed and you look it this as a win for America? Thousands died in homes as you sent the infected back to them. You ask why? So the hospitals could flip the infected and get paid as rooms become available. Did you ever wonder why the Javits Center was not used? No money for the beds just like the hospital ship. Check it.

   The message was we go to another to increase oil production. Optics stated Biden show strength by mentioning Khashoggi and the prince denied. It is all for show. He did not get an oil commitment. As the trip was a waste to time. Increasing home production is against the green policy that will bankrupt this country. What if the government is hiding the true source of global warming? The country is broke and the Administrationís friends control the green industries. You pay and they get rich. The sad part, when the true cause of global warming is realized, it is too late.

   The message was race relations would improve. Look around and most who are astute see no change. They wasted billions in hand outs that trickles down to pennies on the dollar spent on you. They told you trickle down does not work and it is true, but they use it on you through social programs they control. 60 years has passed since Civil Rights Act and you are worse off. They throw money at you, and you spend and they get it back. Education is the only solution, not money. You can be an athlete make millions and you are broke in less than 7 years. They show a few role models that make it rich, but their lives are a wreck as they can not keep a man. Family structure is absent by design. Something is wrong with this picture.

   Remember Democrats were behind Jim Crow and voted against the 1964 Civil Rights act. Biden associated with the KKK. Spots do not change, they hide them. Check it. Now I am not saying Republicans have not supported racism, but you have to purge those who have been in office for a long time on both sides. This is how you clean the swamp.


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