Real People will get Hurt




Written Oct 29


   As events on earth changes accelerate and real people get hurt, there will be finger pointing and then an answer needed for the plight of those caught in the aftermath. I am making this perfectly clear. Certain elements of a political party are telling you climate change is a farce, a lie, just one more injustice the government is trying to perpetrate on the rights of its citizens. The government knows the truth and the executive branch is being threatened by the shadow government to leave the common citizen in the dark and its agenda carried out by the Republican party and some connected members the Democratic party, look at the subtle signs to find who are traitors to this nation.

   As the Tea Party promotes their agenda and disaster hits, know you were left out and you are own your own. Homes lost; no jobs as they are washed away. Health care will seem as a life saver as yours was cancelled. The unthinkable is now true when your does not exist and you are now poor. Dare you be called shiftless, a leach on the people, get a job lazy one as these same words you spouted towards others now come back at you as your family is harden against you in tears. You canít lie to them after years of talking.

   Government assistance, no you were against any intrusion into your life, remember. But now you cannot protect your family as rogue Para-military groups that steal your resources, rape and pillage at every opportunity in isolated communities you thought were safe as you are with your own kind, think again. Tent cities will offer little protection as if they rape in the military when you go to the bathroom, what happens when all are thrown together with resources stretched?

   The earth changes will bring a new dynamic, rebuilding will not occur as the floods and quakes will increase in certain areas deemed unlivable. All of you will be surprised as the Atlantic seaboard is pulled down increasing coastal flooding far beyond current predicted models. Oceans rising in feet in a matter of a few years when polar melting does not support the rise in sea levels? Casualties will increase. Hospitals, what is left of them intact shall patch and release with little medicine as supplies are pinched by acquisition by the elite. Those that are elderly will be allowed to die as treatment will be diverted to those who will survive and can contribute with their hard labor. This is the stark reality. This is what you get when trust is put in some aspects of men already in the know.

   Now you can play the game of musical chairs of survival where only the ruthless survive or consider a new path, that which is God.  Like the Jews in the time Moses when death descends upon the masses all were protected with the blood of the lamb above their doors. Moving forward in the age of technology, you will need to carry on your self and place in your homes the Seal of Protection and put your trust in Jesus Christ by surrendering your free will to Him. This is for your protection for nothing is more powerful than God.  For those when faced with death, call out His Name and either your soul and for some their lives will be saved also. You will not be disappointed with the result. This is where you trust, where there is little in this world. This is where you hope, when all seems to be lost. This is where love conquers fear and it is here that you will rise above the ashes of despair and never look back. This is the Word of God.  


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