The First Day of Reckoning



Written Mar 10 11: 59 pm EST


   As the world spirals out of control and both sides on the Russian-Chinese vs. the EU and US both under the umbrella of the new world order, manipulates the world. The Almighty, God the Father will step in. That time is now. It is no accident, that your leaders in the United States have shut down your free speech. The people need to choose, no matter the shrills coming from one side and the media. You state your cities shall burn in honor of a criminal George. The police are the problem, not the criminals. The war now in Ukraine is due to the policies of poor leadership. And now we should separate the American poor and Middle Class from their money? Your leaders are out of control and all of them work from both sides against, you the people. You have been told so many times, they are listening to another.

   I have watched you destroy the moral fabric of the nation in the name of rights. Whose rights, not the common man, not your children. Your leaders bleed you through financial systems. Your leaders transfer wealth on every crisis to the elite, as they lie in wars they put in place. You have been told so many times, the master of all liars deceives you. Souls lost, leaders who are so corrupt get paid as you get poorer. Few in New York City can afford rents and homes, unless they cluster and add illegal rooms. This is a fact only to get worse. This is the pattern towards your future, but not one of you stands up in the Democratic party to point this out. Leaders, no I see cowards.

   Ten million illegals with little education, flood this nation every year and your leaders hope when they grow up, yes many are children, will vote Democratic. So the plan is to invite as many with little education to keep you in power. Gas prices so high most choose to work from home. How is that going to work in the cities for dishwashers, taxi drivers, and other low income workers. It won’t. And this is your plan?

   No we are not going to toast billions of lives in a nuclear war for a former Russian state. Just because it seems Ukraine is in control of the comic. Send planes from Poland to Ukraine only to be shot down. As pawns, I ask the common man, do you really think this will change the coarse of the war. Advanced systems of Russians and hidden software of MIGs will disable them. Did you not consider this?

   Giving advanced Russian aircraft will not change the plight of the Ukraine people. Their cities have been destroyed and pummeled and you expect the West to save you? Putin offered a prearranged solution recently, as I told you here. The disputed territories, no need to discuss Crimea as it is already taken. They offered it, and it should be taken and be humble.

   To the West as you seem to think this is a game, like all of your past wars after WW2. You the global elite play both sides an this will end now. The Almighty has given me a set of directives to unleash upon your world, unless you change ASAP. Will many good souls lose their lives, yes. But their souls will not be captured as the world comes under the reign of the dark one. I am giving Russia and China one chance to turn this around. Biden on the other hand is hopeless, as he will handcuff the American military to targets that have little effect by design. I told you, both sides are working as one. And succumb to the dark one to where all of the world will honor the new world order.

   I honor the one and only true God and His Son Jesus. Others for now can, worship who they please. So Xi before you decide to assembly that 200 million army, a series of quakes will hit a few eastern cities of your nation, as a warning. Personally, I would have leveled your country and a billion would die, just to make you an example, but the Almighty holds me back. Just know. Pick up and dig out your dead, as this is on you. I hope you heed it when it comes.

   On top of that, many of your underlings will be struck down in sickness. Know this, as it comes from the Hand of God, but you will hide it. As for Putin, you get a pass this time only, because you are exposing the Biden Lies. Watch Xi, as if I have to come back and I know I will, the destruction I asked to be released upon your nation will remove 10 of millions. You ask what about American leaders? They will simply die off for now, many will die in the New Madrid rupture and resultant quakes. Do I have your attention Xi, Putin and Biden? Play time is over. This has been authorized by God the Father Almighty. Those that cross the veil will face Jesus.


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