The Media Refuses to Believe their Eyes


Written Dec. 11 10:30 pm EST


   There comes a time when you in the media have to make a choice and that time is now. You now know the whole Russian debacle was an inside job arranged and paid for by Podesta and the Clintons. You ignored the data drop by Seth who was killed for it. You say no, that is not true, but under your breath, it is the inside dangerous joke. You now know Big tech crushed the reach of information, they see as a threat to the elite. Political suppression is the least of your worries. They have been hiding the search results of certain web sites on the popular web site engines since the early 2000ís. One is caught many others are guilty. Testify in front of Congress and lie under oath no problem. And the government is not coming after them. But the worse, is that the media is getting played.

   You have an Administration that has destroyed your cities, loot and prices rise for the poor or the stores close and you are good with that. You change like the wind and eliminate your police protection only to have thousands die on the street, parks and homes in place of a few criminals getting shot police, even though all lives count. What a smart trade off, because you do not live there. Release all the harden criminals and you think they will behave. The system they have place only works in normal times. Major disaster, shortage of goods, no guns, large gangs roaming and your are prey. And what will they be looking for? Money, and then food. In that order as they look to the suburbs. No that will not happen, yes it will, as you are in denial. A study revealed that 60% of men would rape, if they knew they could get away with it. Look around at your family, how would that work? The sad part, they will start in their own inner cities.

   All that free money now has come back to bite you in the ass with inflation. Plus those in charge allowed billions to be stolen. Was it worth it? Very few of you would send your own money to protect Ukraine, but you allow those who suppose to have your best interest waste your tax dollars and that is stolen also. So are you going to throw more money after bad? As for the Russians it is a waiting game, you can not afford. There was 11 million illegals in America during the sixties and it is still the benchmark, check it. They are lying. On the other side you have Trump running and he invites 2 racists to dinner, brilliant move. He is so low keyed presently. Did some one get to you, Trump? Did they promise you something? They will not deliver in the end. You never betray the Almighty. So what is the point?

   I told you that the new world order is dividing the nation, where both sides have inept leaders in some fashion, by design. On top of that most politicians are stealing. When war breaks out, as this is the present plan, all will embrace one world leader to ensure peace. Citizens of all nations will have little faith in the choices offered at home. Yes the new world order will toast (nuclear war) billions to bring the world under the control of one. The side benefit, it achieves the 90% depopulation protocol that is presently in place since the fifties. The Bible warns you that man will be rare. God does not lie with His Word. It is you in the media, that is the tool and voice of the new world order and you are none the wiser. Racism is only a tool that you embrace to gain power and it is dividing this nation. Laws can change the few, but not the hearts of many. This is what you do not understand. People hide it and it only comes out when someone feels safe or is not being watched. This is the sad truth.

   Education is the only solution and that is why the inner city schools fail. It is by design. Think not? Nothing has changed in reading and math scores from the sixties, if anything there are worse in many areas. Jim Crow never left the Democratic Party, it is just hidden. Just ask Joe when he thinks no one is listening, but his close circle. Oh Joe your money and influence does not spend in Hell. Just letting you know. So with that, the Almighty is going to release some sound bites of your favorite leaders on both sides showing who they really are, slowly escalating to video and audio. Try and stop it and all those who try to impede this, will be also known, as to who they are or were by the Almighty. Lets the chips fall where they may, as it is time for the Truth. For the media, who thinks, they are a lap dog for a political party and will be rewarded? You will be discarded when the truth unravels, but know, it is the new world order pulling the strings of your political leaders and corporate.

   On a side note those power sub stations that are being hit is not our government, it is a new world order trial run for taking out power in a natural disaster zone to increased the general population death rate. The elite considers most Americans as useless eaters and in the rebuilding process, illegals will work hard for little to nothing. This is the current plan.

   To the media your choice is either tell the truth without the spin or quit. Do not let the Almighty choose for you. Remember His words, all that is rotten will fall. He also destroyed cities for same sex, so when it occurs and you cry out why, you know why. You ask why us? You are the ones that tip the scale of justice and truth in the forums of public opinion. Just know, the same voice that the insane and criminals say they hear before a crime, whispers in your head. It is so subtle, but so dangerous as millions of souls are lost on your voice that shapes the masses. Now the Almighty whether you believe or not, is here to save souls. If He takes out a messenger for the greater good and He always starts at the top, so be it. You were warned. How will you know, but still have an element of doubt? The unusual numbers of what you call the middle age and young with the best of their lives ahead them, dies. For some fields it has started already. Free will is given for a reason, certain events are in place so that you can choose, not the events choose for you. Forgiveness saves the soul first, but may not include your body. Heed This.


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