Race Relations

The Inconvenient Truth



Written Mar. 8 11:59 pm EST


   Racism has always been a part of American culture inspired by the old colonial powers. With all of your “woke” awareness, not one of you will go against the British Monarchy. Do I hear, the is Queen a racist? No, it would be so much disrespect, as she is not responsible for the crimes of her ancestors. How she feels on current race relations is between her and God. They enslaved nations, 10s of millions died in transit, but you will not cancel them. Racism is currently learned from parents to children and is embedded in every fabric of American society today. So where do we go from here? Attitudes and solutions must change on both sides. So we shall start with Black America. You ask, why am I starting with Black America? Because in this nation you have the power to change your plight or continue to hope for handouts. People like Biden with his invisible KKK hood keeps you in the mud, but the hand of God will free you. Racists will always be racists, but you can be seen in a light different that changes many minds. Old Jim Crow Democrats and their families will always hold you down with poor schools, handouts that enrich their donors as heads of social programs that change nothing. You choose.

   I have watch parents discard the value of education within their home. They expect a teacher to change things, yet society offers another path. It has been almost sixty years since MLK talked about the mountain top and he wrote his own speech, yet most of you are still in the lowly valleys. Yes there is racism, but there is also laziness. Which category do you fit in? This country gives you all the tools, you need to advance and rise. When you face the glass ceiling, then open your own business, forge your own path. This is what the Irish and Germans did. Your Democratic leaders let poor schools survive with little change. They tweaked the numbers to allow a substandard education to move on and your children can not even count change. This is the education you support and you look past the leaders, because they are Democratic and look like you? It is all about the numbers and not one of you calls this out. It is your children’s future, do you care or pretend to?

   Crime is out of control in the cities, yet you protest all Blacks being labeled as one. Do you not do the same thing against whites labeling all as racists? This needs to stop and a solution provided that helps all. If you are a criminal and you choose to run. The cop is not a racist, but a protector of society preventing more harm. When told to stop, you stop. You do not argue. Criminals run, if you are not one nothing will happen. If the cop assaults you when you surrendered, they go to jail. You have a broken tail light, know you will get pulled over. Fix it before you, cheap one drives on the road. It is common sense. It costs 20 dollars.

   Yes there is profiling as the majority of crimes in certain neighborhoods mimic those arrested. Look at the statistics. So lets be real, an elderly couple passes you. A mom with her kids passes you. A car with minorities passes you with a small violation, as a cop would you pull it over? Profiling is wrong to a certain degree, as some cops target innocent Blacks. This is wrong as car full of innocents react different than criminals, patience. But those you prosecute and the others pulling over criminals, they are doing their job. In your neighborhoods you know how a lack of police presence accelerates the rate of crime to fester. For you to say profiling in most cases is a lie. The police target those who will create crime and yes they get it wrong some times, but many times they are correct. Now you have a choice, they will withdraw force and you can police with your own. They will turn on you. How is that going to work for you?

   For whites do not assume that all blacks are the same. They are not and this is the major problem. You promote those who have no talent, as they play the white game or pushed by affirmative action and you pick those who can be molded instead of talent. Those who really can change this world are passed over, as their changes makes you uncomfortable. Everybody wins with good change.

   Lets now change how pensions are calculated as workers pad the overtime budget in their last year of work sleeping, costing public systems billions. Instead, lets now educate many Black kids. The current policy is to promote them when they really fail to meet graduation standards. How does this work when an employer is looking for a skilled HS graduate? If they can not read, write or comprehend complex math issues, they will never be hired for good paying jobs.

  Let us change how we apply welfare and stop the promotion of laziness, as we know they can not advance. You have 2 generations of children that have failed the system, as your Democratic leaders guided and controlled the major cities of this nation. You failed on your own. Abuses, theft, side deals all the while bullets fly through the streets killing children and the many that does make it out, can not read, write or add, on a high graduate level, pathetic. These are the policies that hurt all Americans.

   As for Lightfoot having the biggest, the last time one of your so called girls checked, it was a ¼ on an inch. Need I go further? You are all ego, but you will get shut down. I have been given the choice to minimize destruction by asking for mercy from the Almighty within your city, as the cesspool it is. The New Madrid fault will level your city. It is your resolve to turn your city around that dictates this. Do the right thing, you have a choice. Remove your DA or fix her ASAP. Empower the police, protect your city, as how many children need to die? And tell BLM and some Democrats to go to hell, as that is where they may be headed unless they find Jesus.

   The pleas from mayors and Biden to the work force of America is dead. Companies that force their workers to return from home based work will retire or leave. You really think workers want to pay for a commute with gas prices today and rising, that takes hours away from their families. Ride the subways and be subject to crime, raped or pushed on the tracks? Pay 40 to 60 dollars a day for parking? Corporations subject to high rents, maintenance fees, utilities, just so the millions you let in that crossed the border can have a low paying job? The cities are just like horses, a thing of the past. That is on you and housekeepers, dishwashers good luck.


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