June UFO Report



Written Jun. 7 11:59 pm EST


   The Congressional Report on UFOs is due near the end of the month, but portions were leaked by design. They are to gauge public push back. The original goal was to inform the nation on what is behind UFOs, but that was changed. You were told hear a month ago and look back years, nothing would be verified, that you do not already know. So where is your government lying or telling the truth?

   So the UFO craft that has invaded our airspace since this country was founded, is of unknown origin. This is true and yet again false. What you see maybe a secret government project? This is false. This maybe advanced Chinese and Russian technology. This is totally false. This maybe a form of alien technology. This is true. We do not know who or what is operating the craft? This again is true and false. So now letís address these questions in order.

   UFOs have been visiting earth since before mankind walked this earth. Those outside of our solar system cannot interfere indigenous intelligent beings, but those that reside within the solar system can. What will never be revealed, aliens built the pyramids with anti gravity technology. An advanced civilization have enslaved mankind, as you know them as the mythological gods, the planet, part of our binary stellar system, but your leaders will never tell you, until you see it in our skies. They lie and need not be trusted for leadership, as they expect you to die.

   What was known of their knowledge, was stolen from the Alexandria Library and then burned to cover the theft. The elite used it, as it stolen from Rome after Hannibal conquered with meager funds of gold. They knew the world was not flat, and the sun was the center of the universe, but assigned certain ones, to discover what was already known in secret circles. Does this occur today when Lockheed examined crashed ships of the past? Yes, as its CEO that died said, it would take an act of God to reveal the secrets that are at least 200 years ahead of what you see today. This is your world.

   Your culture speaks of their planet of origin, but this is a ultra classified secret above the H-Bomb in the forties and fifties. Others who came, were unknown, as they at most, did not co mingle with the general population, due to fright. Those that did, most were pure evil and backed satanic practices. This is why the statement is true and false.

   Many have wondered is this a secret government project? Since the forties the US Government has been trying to back engineer anti gravity with little success. They have made inroads on how gravity can affect a mass in reducing weight towards a center of mass, but cannot control gravity as a tool of propulsion or create an internal gravitational field to negate g-forces. They have made inroads with radar absorption and deflection, but invisibility to bend electromagnetic waves around a mass including light, is well beyond your technology. Transparent metal again will never be discover by mankind present for the next generation on earth, even with clues. So if it massive, a silent ship and floats slowly, it is ours. If it accelerates from 0 to mach 15 in a second, it is theirs. There is a secret government project, but what you see is not ours, but you are made to believe it is ours. This is why the statement is false.

   We have heard, this maybe advanced Chinese and Russian technology. This is a blatant lie. If the Chinese and Russians had such technology, the West and this country would not exist. Radar evading craft with velocities near mach 20, stop on a dime and right angle turns, get real. The reds are hoping to take advantage of the earth changes as a point of weakness. There is population reduction protocol in place by any means necessary, and a worldwide land grab with North America as the primary objective. But, the original statement is false.

   The report states this may be some alien technology. This statement is true. The point here is to leave an element of doubt in the general population, as to not alarm. They think that a partial reveal will quell, those who ask. UFOs are still a need to know, and you do not need to know.

   It was stated in the report, we do not know, who may be operating these craft. Some that enter our airspace, we do not know of their origin. But many we do, as we have treaties with alien life forms and share our DUMB bases, as they are on the extreme lower levels. Just like with our allies on earth. Our military has recovered downed space craft with live and dead beings, not of this earth. So again the statement is true and false and they lie.

   The United States government has kept involvement with off world beings secret since the forties, this will not change in the near future. How can you maintain control, if what some perceive as greater, is out there? Remember those beings are creations of God, but his life does not dwell within their being. Advanced is not the spirit of God or His children, know the difference.


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