The Resurgence of Covid-19


Written Nov. 24 11:59 pm EST


   All is not what it seems with the spread of Covid. You were told, those behind the Great Reset (new world order) will increase its relentless grip of mankind, Martial Law under the guise of a pandemic lock down. Your lives, incomes, businesses, schools, loss of homes are all in dire straights of collapsing. None of you have years of sacrifice left in you, as this country slowly rebuilds. So what is the plan?

   There is none, they expect you to die. I ask you to look at China, they eliminated their Covid threat as 20 million are missing. You can not do that here. Your media lies, if you think a country of over a billion people that lied about the Wuhan virus. Then China locked down the infected where the disease spread like wild fire, and had only 3000 deaths? They built the hospitals to only save the elite, the rest, well. You are fools.

   Ask is there a resurgence China? No. The difference, no covert effort to accelerate the spread of Covid and maintain the lockdown, as vaccines are weeks away. You ask why would the global elites who pitch reset, want this? The answer, lock down movement of the common man, by increasing debt and removing the options of jobs, if they think about moving. Earth changes researched by black project scientists, were deemed to inflict maximum loss of life in the United States along the east coast due to rebound tsunamis at first and earthquakes along Mississippi River and Lake Erie shore line up to Niagara Falls. Then a total loss of the west coast would follow. No food, water, hospitals or general help as all areas are busy tending their own. It is about keeping the population in place. Does not bode well for minorities over weight, needs healthcare and little resources. Their will be road blocks to prevent migration, a death sentence. The excuse, no resources in a prepared location in the interior, shelter in place. This why the Chinese will invade, as little improvement occurs over many months.

   The new world order was caught try to spread the Bird Flu, yet not revealed in public, as it is a sealed case. It was unsuccessful, as the natural spread was sparse and could not cover the designed infections, and now, you are none the wiser? It takes little effort to plant Covid on random surfaces. Aerosol backpack spreaders walking among the general public or riding public transportation. The elite have already been vaccinated weeks ago. Trump was the example it worked. As all expected him to die. Yes, there is a natural spread and a legitimate spread by careless people, but this is being increased by outside sources. The deep state pays for riots in your cities, corrupt politicians and you think, they will not spread Covid? The lock downs are by design.

   The Banks reclaim property for dimes on the dollar and hope to resell. You lose. Open your eyes, and for once take your heads out of the sand. Many are social distancing, most wear masks, yet the numbers are higher than the initial outbreak in some areas. How is that? Lock down the nation, then freeze bank mortgages, thus rents and utilities. You make a mistake to feed your family, you are fined. They make a mistake partying they apologize with lies. We have idiots leading our states, and you pay the price, as they answer to another. The sad part, you believe them.

   Now you can continue to believe the designed narrative with identical talking points, coming from the controlled media or open your eyes. Look at what is happening, as if you never heard a word about Covid, remove opinions going forth and come to your own educated conclusion. Remember, the goal of global reset is discard nationalism as jobs and finances crush almost all families, and you reach out for one. Beware of that “one”.

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