The Antichrist is now Revealed




Written Mar. 17 1am EST


   Many have questions on the antichrist and why the puppet master is revealed to be him. Remember when the satan tempted Jesus and as he looked over the land upon the perch? He declined as God, but a man accepted the same offer in our Renaissance period time of your world, the Middle Ages. He was offered the same deal, worship me and you will control all that you see. He was given the secret of cell rejuvenation that extends life of the physical body left behind by the Annunaki. It was he that accelerated the plagues that killed 25% of the human population in Europe. By remaining reclusive and changing appearance and moving he retained knowledge, which was forbidden in the Garden and acquired wealth over centuries. In his early thirties, that has not changed over time to this day, tactics forged over time with the families that control the world. He founded the Illuminati that does his biding by proxy. Languages learned over time and more important the mastering of human behavior. Imagine an 80 year old man allowed to exist in the body of a 5 year old and this is who he has to out smart. This is what you faced with the puppet master, but now that satan himself possesses his body none of you are safe.

   Cunning, he learned to use wars by sharing information to both sides to create parity. As the financial backer of both sides, he controlled the riches of the earth by providing munitions. Satan picked a person who worshiped power, had pride and arrogance, thus controlling this world through wealth. This is the opposite of Jesus who incarnate as man in its simple form, black and poor. Early painting of Mary, the mother of God showed her skin color as dark, but what you need to understand it is your soul that counts and not its exterior physical features.

   The puppet master who controls your world banking systems and until recently controlled the Federal Reserve is now the physical human form that now houses the spirit of satan. The original soul has been crush by his blood agreement as he thought this day would never come. Now that the world knows his secret, all that is his shall be claimed, souls. I speak to the harden souls, is there a flicker of light in yours. He will destroy you, with God you have a future, choose.

   As for Zeta Talk, Nancy was used as she did reveal the truth on the upcoming pole shift and alien life, but Obama, Putin, and the puppet master served the dark one. Your site is a mixture of truth and lies all to capture more souls. For once filter what you receive instead printing all as truth. If non interference is the norm, then both dark and light must be presented. This is your situation. The Almighty will shut your influence down by my request. Sorry Nancy as this is not about you. It is not about being over 50% service to other. It is about accepting Jesus as your Savior and cleansing your soul, period. As for the antichrist it is war, and I will be there when Jesus chains you for a thousand years, until then puppet.

   Obama you ask, how do I serve the dark one? As leader of this nation, you became a coward as to not to reveal the fate of the people you were elected to serve and protect. Need I say more?


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