US Riot Response



Written Apr 30


   Few of you in the Black Community knows what will befall you as you take your rights for granted and have raised tensions to the next level that has created division in this nation. Yes many innocent black men have been killed by the authorities and this needs to change. Your sympathy in many parts of this great nation again evaporates in the flames of the homes you have burned. A crowd out of control will justify almost any action. For every white person that walks in the peaceful protests, God bless them, there are others that wave the confederate flag.

   If you throw rocks to injure, it is a crime of assault. If you steal from a store under the cover of looting, you are a thief and this is a crime. If you set fires this is a crime of arson and children can be charged as adults if a life is loss. This is why they were called thugs due to their actions as age does not discriminate. If a 14 year old beats your 60 year old ass, lets see if you still call him or her a child. Just when are you as parents going to take responsibility for the children you brought into this world? Let them burn your house in protest and you for the cause can be homeless. The nation and the world see your neighbors who loss all they have in Baltimore and more important Furguson and this is your message. So again who is behind the destruction masked by the riots?

   The Congressman Cummings was strong as he did what was needed send the people home for their safety. Finally, a leader that is willing to take action to protect the welfare of his constituents. Obama you are exempt if you talk they will burn you for being premature and the election will be lost. All in this nation in the know and there is tens of millions, are aware your hands are tied. When the truth finally comes out, as all look in disbelief towards the sky? Point to the liars and walk away, but when it breaks, remove the plants in media and the scientific community that will continue to lead this world down a dark path. That is your job.

   Others decided to confront the words describing children as thugs. If these were adults you would have no problem, but what is worse the adult in control allow those under their protection to carry out crimes for adults. If someone had died in that adult home that was burned it would have been murder. Let them burn your car or business and you lose thousands I am sure the words thugs will be tame in comparison. Do not lie to a TV audience when your heart would have no mercy against one of your own if a loved one died or was hurt. Yes there is prejudicial edge towards people of color, but at the same time many are welcomed by all when education, talent and determination, breaks the barrier. The denial is that with all the programs, the voting rights, organizations, words from the pulpit have things really changed since civil rights? Family structure, education, and respect for another go much further than any government plan or grant. Change starts with you. For if you do not help yourself, the help you think is coming from others is superficial. This is the Truth.

   Where were you Reverends with your faithful to stop the violence of your children as you state so proudly in your sermons? What was burned, looted and destroyed, was your community. So when you feel opportunity crushes your future, because few take the time to help your children to learn, but the excuse is you validate looting, rioting and destruction as an acceptable outlet, are you crazy?

   Yes, you will to continue to promote peaceful protests so that the nation sees the injustice of black men dying when confronting certain policemen? You were supposed to turn the crowds, but you choose words delivered on clips aired by the media instead feet on the street to curb violence. All of you knew what was coming through social media, but it was not your responsibility. Then whose responsibility is it? The parents who have no jobs or resources living day to day? Injustices will always be there. The message gets tainted when there is violence. Know this; injustice moves you a step forward, but violence can neutralize or move the cause a step backwards. Point out injustices. Stand strong to improve the future of the youth by investing your time first, grants second. Change starts at home first as in so many homes in the Black Community you expect someone else to change your future. Again change comes from within and anyone who tells you they will raise you up except for God and His prophets are lying. There is always an angle.

   You say we need business investments, but many of your workers do not come to work or use disability to milk the system.  Those that do say, why should I work for minimum wage? The employer states you barely filled the job application, misspelled words, had a poor use of communication skills, lack respect for authority. You say he or she disrespected me. They are asking you to do a job for which you were getting paid for. You say we need opportunity, but do many of you look over their school work, no. How so many never completed school and could never understand the new math and science needed for todayís jobs. Manufacturing jobs are gone over seas at a fraction of what they would pay you. It is all about the dollar. Just like the dollar is all about you. Many of your sons and daughters just attend school, but learn nothing. How many memorize every word of a rap song in front of your ears? And you expect corporate America to offer a job with benefits with marginal communication skills and this is your business model in a global competitive economy? Denial is a terrible thing to ignore.

   America offers opportunity to all, but it is earned, not given due to past injustices. Shed the baggage that is holding so many back. There are many who are just looking for an opportunity that do study, but when placed in the same classroom as others who do not care, stunts their educational growth. Yes it helps those who are not gifted, but this model does not work if there is no support at home. This shunts your best at the expense of those who do not care. Separate according to talent or determination you think your kids are being deprived. Your kids are being deprived a change by those who refuse to open their books and sit with them to learn. You expect the state to do your job, teach your kids. If you donít care why should they? As for those who are screaming for help, give the talented after school jobs to tutor the weak. Run the programs by the schools in after school programs, mentors held over by their success year to year, accountability and drop those expensive programs we will all win.

   Your own who have made it will not hire those they left behind in the neighborhood (the hood). It is about getting the best to move a business forward. Now you in the Church look upon your flock and ask your self if you were to compete globally just how many from your area would you hire as head of a multi million dollar corporation or even how many would you let mingle with your clients at a party? I thought so. The dirty secret is denial.

   Inside the hood many are indoctrinated with the message, the white man is your enemy and he will hold you back. You cannot judge all for the actions of the few. On the other side, there are many stopped and frisked for just walking and their faces and hands in the hot summers are forced and pressed against the hoods of the black and whites to where their skin burns. You as cops know this, but this is your joke. Too much empathy leads to weak cop that may get killed in a split second decision. Where do you draw the line as when a life is taken do you not think it hardens all the rest? The public sees the few incidences out of millions but labels all. This is wrong. If the cops are your enemy then let them abandon your community for you will see how it thrives alone. Make a choice or they will.

   A cop with little indifference to life may kill a child with a fake gun in seconds due to poor training. This needs to be addressed now as we are all children of God. As there are those that are true threats and others that are confronted just for being black. Those who are innocent, you could diffuse the situation by being polite, afterwards then make the complaint depending on the continued actions of the officer. Push back only inflames the situation where there was no threat, but attitude of the officer. Some will think about why they stopped you and get enraged, mouth off and it only justifies their actions in their mind. This is what you are changing. Why continue the same path that has failed every time?

   The community needs to protect its own, for if you do not protect and educate yours, then how to expect others to do what you do not do for yourselves? I strongly suggest your leaders protect the property of your neighborhood with backup from the National Guard this is your tax base and jobs established. Looters surrounded and crushed to send a message. They are common thieves taking advantage of a situation and care not the loss of a black man. Some see it as an opportunity. How do you advance a message of oppression when businesses are looted and homes burn, cars torched and the result after the news and cameras leave, insurance doubles for autos and some homes and property values nose dive below your mortgages as no one wants to live in an area that is on the edge. You won the battle but, just loss the war.

   Allow peaceful protests to continue so that the nation adapts change. Acceptance that you as a cop, black, white or other can bust heads for some, as you are the law needs to end. We are all people. If he is hard core and threatening life, take him out. Riding a bike, selling cigarettes, playing with a toy gun, you are trained and first to protect the lives of all and discern the truth. This is not the case always in America. Parents why would you allow your children play with a realistic gun in public? I will never forget when I asked an acquaintance year ago, why do you want to become a cop? Mario said, I want to bust heads. This is the Truth for that person.

   Let me tell what is going to happen. The riots will stop at a certain point nation wide for each protest, as many will follow with no true direction. The same scenes are played over and over with a new twist or the same old story. Certain people agitate the locals a confrontation ensues and the people riot out of frustration. Know that you are being tested and in a real emergency the military will be in control, game over. You are being given rope, the government continues to allow a tepid response so as to be seen as compassionate, but there is a danger. When a certain point is reached to where these same riots threaten the suburbs and people die or abused, the armed population will turn on you. After invading the suburbs many will be killed as law enforcement allows a purge as you were so confident. Pistols against sniper high powered rifles with infrared scopes, a box of bullets against 10,000 rounds you do the math. When you get slaughtered expect no help from law enforcement as looters and those violating curfew will be shot. This is your choice. 

   The US military is fully prepped to handle the inner cities in the up coming emergencies and you the leaders in the Black community will act surprised when all of you who are powerful positions in media, corporate, organizations and Congress are in the know and your people find out you knew the Truth. You can run, but where will you hide as the elite as promised will renege on their promises. They lie to the world and you expect them to come through for you? What do you offer? Wake up, nothing.

   As the earthquakes up tick swiftly the government will release the truth to the population to a certain degree. All the promises you make will not be backed by the government of the US. As the greatest bread basket of the world, the elite of many nations have already made arrangements to feed the select and it will not be the poor. You say we have Obama in power and this is true, but these arrangements were made decades ago and cannot be over ridden by executive order. The bridges that are destroyed naturally or by design to stop population migration will not be replaced. What all is seen in the media will be used to have all in the inner cities to remain in place no matter the threat. This is what millions will face.

   Infrastructure shall collapse as you riot among yourselves to get water, electricity back online and gas pipelines repaired. Remember the same government you curse today is the same government that all of you will look for survival. The problem again is the few are being used as a reference to represent of a significant part of the population and in turmoil the many who watch the media will care not to differentiate.

   Shortly, with out warning and escalating quickly these will seem like endless days. With disasters all over the US, certain population zones will be written off due to the danger of riots and theft. This is your doing and mentality now ingrained on US television. The stores you burn will leave as insurance will not cover losses in what they see as neighborhood with no potential. No one builds in a zone of violence, would you? The residents again trapped as they cannot move as your violence just sent all property values sharply south. You just played your hand against the new world order and again you lost by design.

   Now the future is not certain. You, the leaders in the Black community have the power to change this mindset. This is the key as there is not enough time left to elevate your people. The time for Hope is always there, but we need action to prevent the destruction of a race that has few jobs, and what they see as no future. You can offer them the Truth and make a real change or continue the lie of no responsibility and blame the white man. Healing starts with you.

   You as parents see your children graduate high school and sports stars in college, many barely able to read and write as teachers who know they have failed promote them to the next to improve the numbers and when your sons apply for a job and cannot fill out the application correctly you wonder why you did not get the job? If you have no basic skills, you have no job. If you are rich and have little knowledge of math and economics you are broke after several years making millions. You speak about funding, just where is this revenue coming from? Does the tax base of your neighborhood support the schools and teachers salaries? No. The biggest handout education is being squandered by many and others find a way to learn and move on. If you waste the basic education then why invest more? This has not changed in decades. 150 years later some of you are still slaves to the process. The problem is undervaluing education to compete on a global basis not the neighborhood. Throwing money at a foundation that does not exist except for a few continues not to work. Those determined to learn do, first by self initiative and then government money. You leaders have it backwards as you throw money at all and only those with initiative climb out of poverty. Award grants in college after the fact B gets paid 100% C 50% D and F they are stuck with the bill. All get help and your initiative determines your future as it should be.


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